The American Dental Association (ADA) has asked dentists to defer all elective treatment at this time, and only provide emergency services. This is to help preserve protective equipment (masks, gowns, gloves, etc.) for hospitals and urgent care centers as well as limit the spread of the virus. We are keeping a limited number of locations open to provide emergency dental services, to both help you and reduce the traffic to Emergency Rooms (ERs) and urgent care centers so that they can focus on non-dental emergencies. If you are in pain and need emergency dental treatment, please call (702) 744-8009 and we can assist you right away.

Good afternoon,

As you likely have already heard, this afternoon President Trump declared a national emergency and has made some other pledges to assist the American people. So there is no undue panic, my suggestion would be for you to watch his address online for yourself as opposed to listening to second hand versions. The words “national emergency” can seem overwhelming, however understand that this declaration allows our government to simply access emergency funding to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic precautions.

While we have anticipated some decline in patient demand, we have not seen it and therefore expect to operate in a “business as usual” format in the coming weeks while the virus passes. This means that we expect all Team Members and affiliated providers to keep their practice schedules and report to work shifts as scheduled to see and service patients.

We will also be implementing a system that will communicate with all Team Members via text message. This will ensure that any and all messages will get to every affiliated Team Member directly. Please remember to follow the CDC guidelines to do your part in reducing community spread and keep you, your family, and your patients safe.

Have a great weekend and we will send further updates next week as warranted.

Dr. Prada & David Drzewiecki

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