UPDATE: UNLV Hispanic Student Dental Association (HSDA) Mission Trip to Bolivia

Posted By: Absolute Dental
Date: August 23, 2017

Absolute Dental has been honored to be the lead sponsor for the UNLV School of Dental Medicine’s Hispanic Student Dental Association’s inaugural mission trip to Bolivia to provide much needed dental treatment to young men and women suffering from severe fluorosis.

We wanted to share some updates from the trip so far.

@ale_retis_dmd – Today’s afternoon session was a success. Treating these patients was really tough because they literally drove hours to see us, and some can not return while we’re still here. We tried to do as much work as we could, and it was extremely exhausting. We have learned so many new techniques from these procedures, but more than anything, the emotion some patients showed made it all worth it.

Honestly though, this was personally a very humbling experience. The main language of some of these patients was Kechua, not Spanish, but after working on a person for close to 8 hours, you kind of get to know them. Let’s just say this small gesture meant a lot to these very deserving people. I keep thinking back to the list of those of you who have helped us get here. This is a once in a life time experience and we again want to thank you for helping us help these people.

@ale_retis_dmd – Have you heard of Absolute Dental? You’ve probably seen their signs all over town. They funded 66% of our trip and we’re extremely thankful for them and all our other donors, family members, and friends!
They’re an awesome company that provides dental work all over Nevada. Their staff was so kind that they prepared individual goodie bags of essentials for all our members for our trip.
They went above and beyond to make this trip happen. They not only helped financially but also donated thousands in materials.
Here is to the beginning of Day 3! 😷🤓

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