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General dentists, versus specialized dentists, are able to treat a wide variety of dental problems. They study multiple procedures and focus on more than just one area of practice. They are also often referred to as “family dentists” because of their ability to treat all members of a family, no matter the age or ailment. These are the dental practitioners that patients will see on a regular basis and who can refer patients to a specialist if a very specific or critical issue needs to be addressed.

What Skills Does a General Dentist Have?

A general dentist earns a license by studying and training for at least as long as any other dentist. Although specialists must complete additional years of study in their particular field, a general dentist can gain hands-on experience quickly and is just as knowledgeable and qualified to treat dental issues. A true mark of a trusted general dentist is knowing exactly where their knowledge or expertise ends and when a specialist needs to be contacted. General practitioners at Absolute Dental Reno location are thoroughly trained to perform most common dental procedures, so specialists only need to be contacted for more serious or unusual circumstances.

The general dentists in Reno are skilled in all avenues of family dentistry including exams, x-rays, fillings, tooth extractions, crowns, bridges, root canals, dentures, and more. Our professionals only use the most advanced equipment, trusted methods, and proven dental techniques while adhering strictly to the industry’s highest standards of care. Our dentists will give you peace of mind knowing you and your family are getting the very best treatment, no matter what general dental procedures you might need.

What are the Duties of a General Dentist?

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Dental procedures performed by a general dentist include:

  • X-Rays: General dentists know how valuable x-rays are to diagnosing and evaluating a patient’s dental health. The more information the dentists have, the better they can calculate what work needs to be done to a patient’s gums, teeth, and jaw.
  • Dental Fillings: Because cavities are the most common issue experienced by patients of all ages, general dentists perform fillings very often. Fillings remove the bacteria causing the cavity, preventing further damage and keeping teeth strong and looking their best.
  • Root Canals: When tooth decay advances to the nerve of a tooth and becomes infected, a root canal is needed to stop the infection and remove the damaged tissue. Most general dentists have no problem performing this procedure unless there is extensive damage or the infection has become life-threatening to the patient. In this case, an endodontist will be recommended.
  • Crowns: For teeth that are broken or chipped, a cap can be placed on the tooth to restore structure and prevent any further damage. These caps are referred to as dental crowns and are a common procedure for general dentists.
  • Bridges: Many issues can arise for patients who are missing teeth. The surrounding teeth may start to shift and the bone can deteriorate. Bridges are a way for false teeth to be held in place by crowns which fit over the permanent teeth. A bridging specialist may need to be contacted if more complex bridge work needs to be done.
  • Dentures: For some patients, their loss of teeth has reached a point where bridges are no longer the best option. In these cases, dentures can provide an ideal solution to help jaw function, appearance, and self-confidence in patients.
  • Bonding: This refers to the process of attaching a veneer or similar substance to a tooth. This commonly falls into the realm of specialized cosmetic dentistry, but most general dentists are fully trained in the procedure and are skilled enough to complete it if needed.

There are several other procedures and treatments that a general dentist can do. In any case, it’s always better to see a general dentist in order to evaluate your situation first. They can always recommend a specialist if you require a procedure that is outside of their expertise. No matter the issue or dental procedure, one of the general dentists at Reno’s Absolute Dental offices will be able to formulate a treatment plan using extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

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