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Veneer Procedure & Recovery

You may have heard of veneers at one point in your life or another, you might know someone who has veneers, or you may be looking into veneers for yourself. Whatever the case may be, veneers are just one type of oral health dental implant that can drastically alter your smile and strengthe...

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Recovering From Oral Surgery

It is essential to properly prepare for your oral surgery when you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, other teeth extracted from overcrowding, a toothache, or different types of surgery to correct oral and maxillofacial conditions. Part of this process requires reviewing how to practi...

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5 Do’s & Do Not’s After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Extracting one or more wisdom teeth is a common procedure that is often necessary for optimal oral health. It can be painful and even detrimental for these teeth to remain in your mouth. They can cause infections, complications with your jaw, and start to crowd other teeth. In fact, most p...

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8 Things To Know About Veneers

When you’re asked to smile for a photo, do you instantly feel uncomfortable because of your teeth? You may have crooked, broken, or discolored teeth that make you feel self-conscious about your smile. However, there are options that your dentist can offer to improve your smile and make y...

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12 Home Remedies For Emergency Dental Toothaches

Some toothaches can cause severe pain, which is often the result of tooth decay. However, a dental emergency, including a cracked or broken tooth, can also cause extreme discomfort, and you should see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Still, sometimes you’re unable to see a denti...

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6 Tips for Celebrating Oral Health Month

June is Oral Health Month, and we want to help celebrate by providing you with some tips for maintaining optimal oral health. Properly taking care of your teeth can prevent gum disease, cavities, tooth decay, oral cancer, and other dental health issues. While brushing and flossing go a lon...

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6 Ways To Prevent Tooth Decay In Kids

Unfortunately, it’s common for kids to suffer from tooth decay and cavities as they grow. Tooth decay is when the hard outer layer of your tooth, or enamel, gets damaged. Bacteria found in plaque produce acids that attack enamel and, over time, can cause cavities. Tooth decay prevention ...

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Sedation Options for Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Getting wisdom teeth extracted is necessary for most people. It’s a common procedure that can help alleviate numerous problems down the road and prevent other issues from occurring including impacted teeth and infections. However, just thinking about the procedure itself can make some pe...

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5 Best Practices For Kid’s Healthy Teeth

Taking care of teeth is very important for children’s overall health, and setting up good habits starts young. Teaching kids these helpful cleaning routines will set them up for a lifetime of strong and healthy teeth. Here are some essential practices for children’s dental heal...

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