Pedodontists — also known as pediatric dentists — understand the unique treatment that applies to children’s teeth. A child’s first baby tooth arrives when they are less than one year old, and children need specialized dental care from the time when their first tooth arrives until they reach adulthood.

Many children are nervous about visiting the dentist. Our pedodontists create child-friendly environments that put our patients at ease. We aim to ensure every child feels comfortable and safe while receiving the best dental care available. Whether you need to schedule pedodontic care in Las Vegas or Reno, our pedodontists deliver expert pediatric dental services, including the following:

  • Dental checkups: Most children should see their dentist twice a year. Our pedodontists use dental checkups to inspect your child’s teeth for cavities and placement. We also check their gums and mouth for signs of disease. Regular dental checkups ensure we can intervene if we detect signs of dental issues. We also use dental checkups to teach children about proper dental care. We teach kids how to brush and floss so they can prevent cavities. 
  • Cosmetic dentistry: Cosmetic dentistry includes installing braces to straighten teeth or teeth whitening. Children may also need dental crowns to fix a chipped tooth.
  • Dental surgery: Your children’s dentist may perform dental surgery to remove damaged teeth. Reasons for dental surgery include cavities and dental trauma. 
  • Emergency dental services: Sometimes, patients need unexpected dental care. They may have a filling that falls out or have pain from dental trauma. Our pedodontists provide expert emergency services for children.

We can also determine if your child needs dental appliances due to issues such as teeth grinding. Our pedodontists can detect signs of damage and determine whether your child should wear a mouth guard to prevent further damage. 

Contact us to book an appointment today. Whether your child’s one or eleven, we’ll provide the care they need to have a bright, beautiful smile and healthy teeth and gums.  


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Dr. Jeremy Wilson

Jeremy Wilson

Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Wilson is a skilled pediatric dentist performing routine dental work for our younger patients. He earned his BS in biology at University of Arizona and DMD at UNLV.

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Dr Patricia Prada

Patricia Prada


Dr. Prada is a board-certified pediatric specialist who studied at NYU College of Dentistry and Mount Sinai Hospital. She treats our younger dental patients at multiple locations.

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Renaldi Manuel

Renalie Manuel

Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Manuel is a board-certified pediatric dentist who studied at the University of Tennessee and NYU College of Dentistry. She also specializes in nitro and general anesthesia treatments.

More About Renalie

Sarika Patel

Sarika Patel


Dr. Patel earned her DMD degree from UNLV School of Dental Medicine and is certified in Invisalign and implant procedures. She practices pediatric and general dentistry.

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