Your teeth are essential. They ensure you have a beautiful smile, help you form words when you speak, and break apart food when you eat. 

Some dental issues require specialized care. Endodontists are dental experts who treat dental pain and specific issues, such as infected blood and nerve vessels in your teeth. When you’re coping with dental pain, you want to see the best endodontist so they can fix your teeth and gums and eliminate your pain.

Our Las Vegas endodontists treat patients throughout Nevada. You can use our teledentistry services for an initial consultation, allowing your dentist to assess your dental needs and determine if you should see an endodontist. Our endodontists can also use teledentistry to follow up after procedures and ensure you’re healing. 

In some cases, applying dental sealants may be enough to address pain from sensitive teeth. However, you may need expert care from an endodontist if the pain stems from damage to the blood vessels or nerves. Stage four cavities can be extremely painful and lead to severe complications. Symptoms can include swelling, foul odors, and discoloration. Dental pulp infections can spread without appropriate treatment and cause other severe health issues, including death.

Endodontists perform a root canal and remove the infected pulp. This procedure stops the infection from spreading. The root canal saves your tooth, and your endodontist will apply a crown after the procedure to strengthen the weakened tooth and improve its appearance.

Endodontists treat adults and also provide pediatric dentistry services. Sometimes, children have severe dental issues and need treatment from an endodontist. To treat children, endodontists may perform one of the following procedures:

  • Pulpectomy: Pulpectomies are similar to root canals but do not involve filling the cavity after removing the damaged pulp.
  • Pulp capping: Only a tiny amount of pulp is removed, and the area is capped to protect the remaining pulp.
  • Root canal: After endodontists remove the infected pulp, they clean the area and fill the void left by the removed pulp. 

Contact Absolute Dental’s endodontists to schedule an appointment today. Our endodontists will assess your condition and provide optimal treatment to eliminate your pain and resolve your dental issues.


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James Chen

James Chen


Earning his DDS and Master of Science degrees at UCLA, Dr. Chen specializes in endodontic services and performs these procedures across multiple locations in Las Vegas.

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Dr. Tejpaul Johl at Absolute Dental

Tejpaul Johl


Dr. Johl has been practicing dentistry since 1998. In his spare time he enjoys repairing surgical microscopes and autosports.

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