Do you know what to do when your tooth gets chipped?  How about when you can’t stop grinding your teeth?  And are you sure you’re brushing properly?

We’ve put together some resources to address common dental conditions and activities.  If there’s a right way and a wrong way to take care of your teeth, we try to cover it here.  We’ve also included some little-known facts.  Did you know brushing your teeth regularly could help prevent heart attacks?

Topics covered include:

Antibiotic treatments and what they mean for your health.
The causes of bleeding gums and what to do when they happen.
Where cavities come from and what you can do to prevent and remove them.
What can cause your teeth to chip, and the dental options available for a chipped tooth.
How to handle the worst kind of dental emergencies.
Everything you need to know about cavity fillings.
The effectiveness and methodology of sedation dentistry.
The harmful effects, common causes, and best treatments of teeth grinding.
How teeth grow worn.
What causes bad breath and what to do about it.
The potential of tooth brushing to prevent heart attacks.
What to do if your crowns get chipped.
How crowns are fitted and applied.
The many uses and application techniques of dental implants.
Periodontal disease and its bad effects on everyone’s life.
How sensitive teeth occur and the different methods used to deal with them.
The right way to brush teeth.


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