Botox for TMJ Pain

At Absolute Dental, we are excited to begin offering Botox injections for our patients who suffer from TMJ (masseter muscle) pain. We currently offer treatments in our Nellis office and are excited to expand Botox treatments to our other locations as well.

Botox has long been associated with a medical tool for cosmetic enhancements. But did you know that Botox can help significantly reduce and even eliminate pain associated with TMJ disorder? Over the years, Botox has become a popular and effective tool for individuals seeking to relieve TMJ pain.

After a thorough examination of your jaw and a comprehensive understanding of your TMJ pain, our doctors will determine whether Botox injections can be an appropriate treatment plan to help you manage your pain.

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What is TMJ?

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On both sides of your head, where the jawbone meets the skull, is the temporomandibular joint, also known as the TMJ. This joint aids in your ability to talk, eat, swallow, breathe, and do other everyday activities.

There are instances where individuals will overwork this joint, often through unintentional teeth grinding. When this joint is overworked or displaced, it can cause an individual excruciating pain. If individuals routinely suffer from pain because of their TMJ, their doctor may diagnose them as having TMJ disorder. If not treated, TMJ disorder can lead to long-lasting pain and other health complications.

What are the signs and symptoms of TMJ?

The signs and symptoms of TMJ can vary and often depend on the type of actions or habits that caused the pain in the first place. Typically, however, patients have reported suffering from the following symptoms before being diagnosed with TMJ:

  • Headaches
  • Throbbing pain on one or both sides of the face
  • Tenderness on one or both sides of the head
  • Locked jaw, which can make it difficult for you to open or close your mouth
  • Facial pain that aches
  • Neck pain
  • Clicking or popping noises when opening and closing the jaw

If you suffer from excessive teeth grinding when you sleep, you are more likely to suffer from TMJ. This is because of the additional stress and strain on the masseter muscle that connects to your TMJ.

If you suffer from arthritis, the cartilage around the joints can also deteriorate and cause pain associated with TMJ. Repeated blows to the side of the head can also result in damage to the joint or cause it to move out of alignment.

Can TMJ cause a jaw to get stuck?

In extreme cases, TMJ may cause individuals to suffer from a locked jaw. A locked jaw occurs when the jaw joint is dislocated and needs to be realigned. When a jaw gets locked, an individual may experience excruciating pain and will have difficulty opening their Jaw. Suffering from a locked jaw can be painful and undoubtedly scary. Relaxing and massaging the joints can encourage your jaw back into place. Some individuals may require a dental surgeon to realign their locked jaw in extreme cases.

How to fix TMJ jaw pain?

There are a number of treatments that have long been associated with alleviating TMJ pain. For many people, however, these treatments can prove ineffective, as they do not totally cause the pain to go away. Traditional treatments for TMJ relief have included the following:

  • Muscle relaxants
  • Pain relievers and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory prescriptions
  • Low doses of antidepressants for pain relief
  • Cold packs to help reduce pain

Botox treatment for TMJ

Botox in Jawline

Botox has long been associated with cosmetic enhancements. However, according to research over the past decade, Botox’s wide-ranging benefits can also apply to individuals who suffer from TMJ. One study found that 70% of patients who suffered from TMJ pain and used Botox as a treatment felt improvement in pain after their Botox treatment.

Botox injections work by relaxing the muscle’s function of the temporalis and masseter muscles. Reducing this muscle function reduces clenching and reflexing during stressful experiences. As a result, the relaxed muscle does not allow your masseter muscles to tighten up and cause the associated pain with TMJ disorder.

At Absolute Dental, our team will assess your TMJ pain to determine if Botox can be a helpful treatment.

How can botox for TMJ help you?

If you have suffered from TMJ pain and traditional pain control methods have not helped, Botox injections for your TMJ may be a treatment plan for you.

Botox can be injected into the facial muscles on your forehead and temples to help alleviate tension which leads to TMJ pain. At Absolute Dental, our team of dentists, doctors, and TMJ specialists will work with you to determine the best injection site to control the pain.

How long does TMJ botox last for?

Using Botox to treat TMJ is not a permanent solution, as Botox will generally last 3-4 months. Because of this, you will need to follow up with your medical team to ensure you get your next dosage at an appropriate time to continue alleviating the pain.

After you receive Botox treatment for TMJ, you will be able to return to normal function immediately, and the pain associated with your TMJ will subside.

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At Absolute Dental, our team is committed to helping you feel your best so you can be your best. From routine services and checkups to emergency dental examinations, our team is ready to help you. If you have suffered from TMJ pain, Botox may be the best solution to help you alleviate the pain.

Contact our dental team today to learn more about our Botox TMJ treatments and see which of our offices currently provide Botox treatment below.


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