melissa migel

Melissa R. Migel

General Dentist

Working at:

Education & Credentials

B.S. Chemistry; University of Nevada, Reno

DMD; University of Nevada, Las Vegas – School of Dental Medicine


Services & Specialties

Restorative, Dentures, Partial, Bridges, Crowns, Oral Surgery, TMD

Personal Interests

What Do You Like to Do Outside of Work? Hiking, camping, pottery, and hanging out with my dog.

What Do You Want Patients to Know About You? Grew up in Fallon, NV. Completed 1 Year AEGD Residency with the Air Force. Served 4 years as a USAF Active Duty dentist, currently in the USAFR

Why Did You Choose This Career? I chose this career because everyone deserves to have the smile they desire. I aim to provide optimal patient care that is comfortable for every pt and to make a happier, healthier smile for a happier, healthier you.


Languages: English

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