Good morning Team Absolute,

We hope that everyone is doing their best with this unplanned time off.  Certainly this virus has disrupted both the industry and our personal lives more than we could have ever planned.  Know that Absolute Dental is not alone and we think about all of you daily.  You all have lots of questions and while we don’t have complete answers yet, here’s an update as to what we know as of today:

  • ADA / TeleDentistry – On Wednesday, March 25, the ADA communicated that it expects providers and payers to work together and use Telehealth during this critical time in servicing emergency patients.  All major commercial payers, along with the State of NV and Liberty, committed to reimbursing for these services.  As you know, we formally introduced Telehealth in a pilot format two weeks ago and are prepared for this service delivery type.  We continue to work with our partner – TelaDentistry – and expect to have full support within the phone options both at the affiliated practices and call center so that this capability is built in for not only the COVID-19 support, but, also, for when we return to business as usual.
  • Nevada Dental Board – On Friday, March 27, the NDB issued a written communication that called for the extension of postponement of elective dental procedures until at least 4/16.
  • Government Guidance – On Sunday, March 29, the Trump administration communicated that the U.S. was extending it’s social distancing recommendation until 4/30.
  • Absolute Dental Emergency Patient Support – There continues to be 8 practices servicing emergency patients during this interim period.  Now that we have 6 days of operating information under our belt, we are evaluating the data to understand if and where additional emergency-based practices could be opened.  If this does occur, practice staff and affiliated providers will be contacted as needed.  A huge THANK YOU to the affiliated providers and staff who are committed to servicing patients in need and keeping these dental emergencies out of the local ER!
  • Reopen Date & Rehire Date – Given the information shared above, please know that there is still no definitive reopen or rehire date that can be committed to at this time.  We are playing this day-by-day and will make everyone aware of a reopen plan once the ADA and Nevada Dental Board permit.

Until our next update, please stay safe and take this opportunity to cherish the time with your friends and family, as virtual as it may be.  Stay Safe.

Dr. Prada & David Drzewiecki

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