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Like all parents, we understand that you want the best for your children, especially when it comes to ensuring they have the best oral health for a long-lasting, beautiful smile. For many children, however, missing teeth, misaligned teeth, and a misaligned jaw can keep your child from having a smile they love and the confidence they deserve. More importantly, these orthodontic issues can cause your child uncomfortable bites and jaw function.

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Pediatric braces can be an effective solution for children who have orthodontic problems that require correction. At Absolute Dental, we take pride in helping children of all ages get set up with pediatric braces designed for their unique orthodontic needs.

We understand you might have questions and concerns about pediatric braces, including what they are, why your child might need them, and how to care for them. Our highly specialized team is here for you. Turn to one of the leading pediatric dentists in Carson City, Nevada, and learn more about the quality pediatric Carson City dental care your child deserves.

As one of the leading Carson City orthodontics in the Las Vegas area, the team at Absolute Dental Is committed to helping you and your child feel confident in the pediatric braces you select for your child and how to maintain them for the best smile possible.

What are pediatric braces?

As with your traditional adult braces, pediatric braces are a treatment method for children who suffer from a misalignment of their teeth or jaw. These misalignments can occur because of genetics or because of lifestyle factors such as thumb sucking. Typically, pediatric braces are designed to correct overbites, underbites, open bites, overcrowding and spacing issues, and issues associated with their chewing or speech.

At Absolute Dental, our experienced orthodontist will examine your child’s orthodontic needs and determine the best approach as well as what type of pediatric braces would be the most appropriate.

Why do kids need braces?

Children can experience a wide range of orthodontic-related dental health issues. A majority of these issues are genetic meaning they are not brought on because of environmental or lifestyle factors. Correcting these dental issues with pediatric braces not only improves your child’s overall jaw and tooth function, but it can also significantly improve your child’s confidence. Braces offer both a practical solution to dental health issues, but also a cosmetic solution for children who struggle with their smiles. As one of the most common dental treatments for teens, an estimated 3.5 million children and teens are outfitted with pediatric braces every year.

What are the different types of pediatric braces?

When you work with a pediatric orthodontist in Carson City, your child will have a thorough examination of their jaw and teeth structure in order to determine what the best treatment is for them. During the initial course of your child’s examination, your child’s orthodontist will also be able to determine the appropriate type of braces best suited for them as well. The types of pediatric braces available for children include the following:

  • Traditional metal braces – Traditional metal braces are one of the most common types of braces because of their practicality, affordability, and in some cases “style-ability.” These types of braces consist of metal brackets that are placed directly onto the front of the tooth. The brackets are secured with a wired thread that goes through them.Meanwhile, metal bands help keep the braces together. Your child will not need to remove the braces once they are fixed, but they do have to take care in avoiding certain foods that could damage the braces. Often, children will also have the option of choosing different colors for their metal brackets which allows them to
    personalize their braces. At Absolute Dental, we are proud to offer a range of metal braces in Carson City. Contact us today to learn more.
  • Mini traditional metal braces – These mini wire braces are very much like traditional wire braces with the difference being that the brackets are much smaller. For some children, opting for a smaller set is more aesthetically appealing. Mini braces still offer the same functionality and care requirements as traditional braces.
  • Lingual braces – For some children, getting braces might seem like an overwhelming and daunting task, simply because they are so noticeable. This is where lingual braces can come in handy. These types of braces are outfitted on the inside of the teeth so that they are not as noticeable as traditional wire braces. Additionally, they are a bit easier to take care of and maintain than traditional braces.
  • Invisalign – Invisalign braces are incredibly popular simply because of their inconspicuous nature. Instead of wires and brackets, Invisalign utilizes plastic tray aligners and helps to move crooked teeth into their needed position. These aligners are also removable but need to be replaced and carefully maintained in order to correct orthodontic issues. You can shop Invisalign and other clear braces in Carson City at Absolute Dental.

How to care for pediatric braces

Whichever pediatric braces you, your child, and their orthodontist settle on, you should expect to have a detailed and clear care plan in place. Different types of braces call for different types of care. Knowing how to maintain your specific braces is important so that you can be sure that they last as long as they should and will correct the issues they are intended to correct.

In all cases, your child should still practice daily good oral health habits including brushing and flossing their teeth. No matter the type of braces your child gets, it is important that they steer clear of the following activities:

  • Drinking sugary drinks or carbonated beverages
  • Eating sticky or hard candy
  • Playing a wind instrument that could adjust how your jaw and teeth respond to the braces
  • Failing to report issues they experience with their braces
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Benefits of interceptive orthodontic treatment

Intercepted orthodontic treatment is the act of assessing and addressing orthodontic issues early on before they can create bigger issues down the road. In many cases, this means addressing orthodontic issues with your child’s dentist when you start noticing issues like overcrowding, bite misalignment, and other jaw misalignment issues. Often interceptive orthodontic treatment occurs when your child has lost all their baby teeth or as they become a teenager and can understand the responsibility of utilizing and maintaining braces.

Assessing and addressing orthodontic dental health issues early on allows your orthodontist to help get your child’s jaw to a perfectly-shaped arch. This establishes a critical foundation for them to have perfectly aligned teeth, and jaw structure as they grow into adults.

What’s the right age for braces?

If you think that your child may need braces, you’ll want to consider their age as this can play a critical role in how braces will help them with their orthodontic needs. The ideal situation for children who suffer from a misaligned jaw or teeth is for them to get braces between the age of 9 and 11. This is the age range before children generally hit puberty.

Conducting orthodontic intervention before puberty allows for your child’s jaw or teeth to easily settle into the new position that will last them throughout adulthood. While children who have already undergone puberty can still get braces if they need them, it just might mean that they’ll need to wear braces a little longer, or may require a specific type of braces over another.  

Taking care of your child’s braces

Allowing your child to understand how to take care of their braces is critical for the success of their braces. Your child can have the best orthodontic intervention possible, but if they do not follow through on proper and daily oral hygiene habits, then they can end up causing more harm in the form of cavities, gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral health issues.

As a general rule of thumb, your child should do the following every day after they have received their braces:

  • Brush at least twice a day
  • Floss and mouthwash daily
  • Use a Waterpik to help remove leftover food from hard-to-floss places
  • Avoid eating or chewing sticky or hard foods that could damage your braces
  • Follow the care and maintenance recommended by your orthodontist
  • Keep up to date with all your orthodontic appointments

Frequently asked questions about pediatric braces

Most dental insurance policies cover some or all of your child’s pediatric braces. If you have questions about cost, consulting your insurance company first and working with an orthodontist that accepts your policy can help you get the best rate possible. Additionally, you can speak with your orthodontist about any other financial assistance their office may be able to provide.

Braces are designed to last you the entirety of your orthodontic treatment needs. For many people, this can be anywhere from 18 to 36 months. The more severe your child’s orthodontic needs are, the longer you can expect them to wear braces.

After your child gets fitted with their pediatric braces, it’s important that they stick to soft foods for the first day. This allows them to get adjusted to their braces and it helps them to avoid any injury caused by a tender or numb mouth.

Braces are designed to improve your child’s jaw structure and teeth alignment. Because of this, braces can enhance the overall look of your child’s jawline. The changes can range from mild to major depending on the severity of your child’s misaligned jaw.

While braces can impact your child’s jawline, helping to shape it and correct misalignment, braces do not have any impact on your child’s overall facial structure. Therefore, braces will not change your child’s face.

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At Absolute Dental, we are proud to be the home of some of the most experienced Carson City orthodontics. Our dental team is here to help you and your family when you are looking for a location you can trust when shopping for Carson City children’s braces. Our specialized team of hygienists, dentists, and orthodontics are committed to providing quality care to all our pediatric patients. Get in touch today to schedule your child’s initial consultation.


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