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Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Sparks, NV

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars most people develop, sometime in their late teens to mid-twenties. Some people have no issue with their wisdom teeth, and there is plenty of room for the teeth. On the other hand, other people can have different types of problems that require wisdom tooth extraction at our Sparks, NV, dental office.

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When should I consider having my wisdom teeth removed?

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Several issues can arise when wisdom teeth start developing. One of the most common problems is impacted wisdom teeth. An impacted wisdom tooth does not grow upward and straight.

Instead, it grows at an angle in different locations in the jawbone, including:

  • Growing horizontally towards the second molar and other teeth.
  • Growing at an angle and erupting through the gum outward or inward. 
  • Growing at an angle towards the second molar.
  • Growing at an angle towards the back of the jaw bone. 

Another type of impacted wisdom tooth is when it develops correctly but never erupts through the gums. Rather, the tooth remains trapped under the gums. 

Other issues that can arise when your wisdom teeth are developing that could require extraction include the following:

  • Pain in the jawbone. 
  • Frequent cavities in wisdom teeth.
  • Food particles that are trapped behind and in between wisdom teeth and are difficult to remove.
  • Insufficient room on the jawbone to accommodate the wisdom teeth. 
  • Cysts developing near the wisdom teeth.
  • Damage to the jawbone, second molars, or other teeth. 
  • The development of gum disease around the wisdom teeth.
  • Frequent sinus inflammation, pain, and infections. 

In addition, orthodontists will recommend removing wisdom teeth to make sufficient room to straighten your teeth before getting braces. Removing the wisdom teeth can be easier than other teeth since they are at the very back of the jawbone. 

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Do all of my wisdom teeth need to be removed?

Wisdom teeth removal in Sparks at our dental office includes a detailed examination. X-rays are taken to determine whether some or all of the wisdom teeth need to be removed. Sometimes, you only need to have one or two wisdom teeth extracted.

Xray of Wisdom Teeth Impact

How is a wisdom tooth extraction performed?

A wisdom tooth extraction is performed by removing the entire tooth. When the tooth has fully erupted through the gums, the extraction is similar to having another tooth extracted. The area around the tooth is numbed, and the tooth is pulled out of the jaw bone. 

However, if the tooth is impacted below the gum line, it requires making an incision into the gum tissue to reach the tooth’s location and extract it. Afterward, sutures may be used to hold the incision closed until the gum tissue heals. 

Your orthodontist will determine the most appropriate oral surgery method to use before having your wisdom teeth removed. 

Is it better to have wisdom teeth removed one at a time or all at once?

Some people prefer to have all their wisdom teeth removed at the same time in a single appointment. Other people with a lower threshold for pain prefer to have them done one at a time.

If you are unsure what is best for you, your wisdom teeth removal dentist can help you make this decision. 

Should I take time off work or school when having my wisdom teeth extracted?

It is highly recommended that you take the rest of the day off after your procedure to rest. The following day, if you are still experiencing minor to mild pain and discomfort, it can be beneficial to stay home and continue to rest and recover. Most people are able to return to their regular routines after that. 

How should I expect to feel following my wisdom tooth extraction? 

Your mouth, gums, jawbone, tongue, and sides of your face can feel numb for several hours after the procedure until the anesthesia wears off. Once it does, you can notice pain and discomfort. 

There will be some swelling and discomfort for about three days. It also takes about two weeks before your gums and mouth are healed. 

During this time, your orthodontist may have you take an antibiotic as a precaution to prevent infection. They may also prescribe a mild pain reliever to take for a few days. 

Can I drive after a wisdom tooth extraction?

If a local anesthetic was used, you might feel fine driving following your procedure. However, most people will have someone come with them to drive them home afterward. 

Is wisdom teeth removal considered surgery?

Wisdom teeth removal is considered a major oral surgery since the teeth are being extracted. You will be given anesthesia to numb the gums. Some people may also require sedation. 

Is the removal of my wisdom teeth medical or dental?

Oral surgery to remove wisdom teeth is considered a dental procedure since it is often performed to improve your overall oral health.   

Does health insurance generally cover wisdom teeth removal?

No, health insurance does not cover wisdom teeth removal. Rather, you would use your dental insurance, as most providers cover common oral surgeries, including wisdom teeth extractions.  

Is there anything special I need to do after having my wisdom teeth removed?

  • You will want to adjust your diet for the next several weeks. You should avoid foods that can be difficult to chew. Ideally, you want to stick to soft foods like yogurt, soup, rice, eggs, and pasta. 
  • You can use an ice pack for about 20 minutes every hour to help with swelling. 
  • You can apply heat to the area to help with soreness in 20-minute intervals every hour. 
  • Gently brush your teeth, being careful around the area where your teeth were extracted.
  • Use any mouth rinse your orthodontist gave you until it is gone. 
  • Be careful when flossing the back of the second molars. 
  • Drink plenty of water to remain hydrated.
  • Do not use a straw for the next two weeks.
  • Do not smoke, vape, or use tobacco products, as they will slow healing and could increase the risk of infection.
  • Contact your orthodontist if the swelling or pain does not improve within three days or if you start running a fever. 

Can a general dentist do wisdom teeth extractions?

General dentists and orthodontists can perform wisdom teeth extractions. They have been trained in teeth extraction procedures. However, they may refer you to one of our oral surgeons in certain situations where the extraction will be more complex. 

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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sparks, NV

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