Good Morning Team Absolute!

We are excited to report that all practices have reopened and are back to approximately 75% of pre COVID production levels.  A few updates to share:

  • Team Member Safety – All Team Members remain healthy and safe!
  • PPE/Sterilization Protocols – These protocols remain the same as what was communicated in the last update and are in place for your safety. If you haven’t completed your acknowledgement of PPE policies in Paycom, you will not be able to return to work effective 6/8; In addition a new advertisement shown here will also air on 6/8 welcoming back your patients.
  • Nevada Dental Board (NDB) Guidance –  Absolute Dental affiliated providers continue to offer all dental related services with exception of cosmetic dentistry, aerosol producing hygiene procedures, non medical necessity orthodontics, and periodontal plastic surgery.
  • 2020 Merit Increases – In the spirit of transparency, please understand that any planned increases this year have been placed on hold – similar to many other organizations pending the recovery.
  • Final Return To Work Date – Unfortunately at this time, any date of a full recovery is still unknown.  If you’ve been asked to return to work and have not, your status will be changed to termed.  If you have not yet been asked, your status will remain as temporary lay-off at this time.
  • Special Acknowledgement – We want to again say THANK YOU to all Team Members and affiliated providers who are already back to working tirelessly with new processes and expectations.  We recognize that times have changed and roles are continuing to evolve.  WE SEE IT AND THANK YOU!

We will continue to prioritize Social Responsibility, Team Member Safety, and Financial Preparedness.  Please note that this will be the last official Team Member update via this communication medium.  We’re so happy to be working together again!

Dr. Prada & David Drzewiecki
Stay Safe.  #AbsoluteStrong

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