10 Best Home Remedies for Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief

Anyone who has ever had their wisdom teeth come in knows just how painful they can be. Most people will tell you to get to the dentist immediately to have them taken out. While this is the best idea, it’s not always possible. People have jobs and families, making dental needs have to take a back seat sometimes.

10 Best Home Remedies to Reduce Wisdom Tooth Pain

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Here are some home remedies for temporary pain relief before a wisdom tooth extraction:

Warm Salt Water Rinse

salt water for wisdom teeth pain

This remedy is often recommended by dentists themselves as a stop-gap until your wisdom tooth appointment. Not only is it one of the most effective ways to relieve your wisdom tooth pain, it is also one of the easiest.

How to Do a Salt Water Rinse

Pour about eight ounces of warm water into a glass and stir in two tablespoons of salt until it’s completely dissolved. Rinse with the water for twelve seconds, or as long as you can stand the salty taste, and then spit it out. Repeat the process every few hours and you’ll begin experiencing pain relief.

A salt water mouth rinse can reduce bacteria on your teeth and gums because it temporarily increases the pH balance of your mouth and creates an alkaline environment in which bacteria struggle to survive.1

Apply Ice

Applying ice pack for wisdom tooth pain

If the wisdom tooth pain is the result of swelling, applying an ice pack may be able to help. Simply use a commercial ice pack or put some ice is a plastic bag, wrap it in a towel and apply it to the swollen area. Not only will this relieve some of the pain, but it will also help the inflammation go down.

Cold numbs the affected area, which can reduce pain and tenderness. Cold can also reduce swelling and inflammation.2

Clove Oil

Clove oil for wisdom tooth

Clove may be the best-kept secret when it comes to relieving tooth pain. It is one of the only home remedies that packs a one-two punch. Clove oil contains a chemical called Eugenol, which acts as an anesthetic and antibacterial agent. Clove oil is anti-inflammatory and antifungal.3

How to Apply Clove Oil to a Toothache

Take some clove oil and put it on a cotton ball or cotton swab and wipe directly on the gums immediately surrounding the tooth.

For some people, the flavor of clove oil is too strong. If you find this to be the case, mix it with a little bit of olive oil. This dilutes the clove oil, making it milder. Repeat this treatment several times per day on an as needed basis.


Onions for wisdom tooth pain

This is the remedy that is probably going to sound the strangest, but it might be one of the most reliable as well. Onions have already been used as a home remedy to relieve the pain and inflammation from arthritis. It only makes sense that you can use the same method for wisdom tooth pain.

Onion is effective because is contains phytochemicals that target the germs responsible for the infection, giving you a much-needed break from the pain.

The one thing that gives people pause about this remedy is the fact that you have to chew on a raw onion. Making this worse for many is the fact that the more pungent the onion is, the better the pain relief will be. Mild onions, like the sweet onion, will provide relief, but you’ll find a much better result using red or yellow onions.

At the first sign of pain in your tooth, cut off a piece of onion and chew it on the side of your mouth that is in pain. This allows the juice from the onion to penetrate your tooth. If you find that the pain is too intense to chew, you can use your finger to hold the piece of onion directly against the problematic tooth and gums.

Cucumber Slices

cucumber slices for wisdom tooth pain
Want something that tastes better than onions? Cucumber slices can help bring relief to your wisdom tooth pain. They don’t have the same infection-fighting properties, but when your mouth hurts, they can work in a pinch.

Take a cucumber and cut into small slices. Completely rinse the cucumber and place the slices in the refrigerator. When your tooth begins to hurt, take one slice of cucumber and put it in your mouth directly on the infected tooth. The coolness from the cucumber will soothe the ache and take away the pain.

Tea Bags

Tea bags for wisdom tooth pain

If your wisdom tooth pain is the result of swollen gums around the infected area, tea bags are an excellent remedy. Tea is used in a lot of home remedies thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties found in tannic acid.

The most effective way to use tea bags to treat your pain is to brew a cup of tea and put the cup in the refrigerator, leaving the tea bag inside the cup. Once it’s nice and cold, take the bag and place it inside your mouth, directly over the hurting gum. This will help reduce the swelling and bring pain relief almost instantly.


Peppermint leaves for wisdom tooth pain

Peppermint is also known as an excellent pain reliever for wisdom teeth. Peppermint is very rich in anesthetic properties that will greatly reduce pain as well as remove bacteria in the mouth that caused the infection. On the plus side, peppermint has a natural fresh aroma, unlike other remedies.

There are 2 options of applying peppermint to your teeth. You can take fresh leaves and pack them into the affected area for at least 20 minutes and the pain should subside. The other option would be to take a few drops of peppermint extract and put it on a cotton swab applying it on your tooth. Leave it on your tooth for a few minutes and you should start to feel relieved from the pain.

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract for wisdom tooth pain

Most people use vanilla extract for cooking and baking but most don’t know that it can also with wisdom tooth pain. Vanilla extract contains Eugenol which has antiseptic and analgesic properties4, which is why it is so effective at relieving tooth pain.

How to Apply Vanilla Extract to a Toothache

Put some of vanilla extract on your finger tip, cotton swab or cotton ball and rub it on the affected tooth and surrounding gums.

Guava Leaves

Guava leaves for wisdom tooth

If you’re experiencing a lot of wisdom tooth pain, guava fruit will be your best friend. Guava leaves are great for pain relievers. The leaves from guava fruit contain anti-spasm properties. Guava leaves also have properties that are antibacterial and disinfecting qualities. Guava leaves can be applied by simply chewing them slowly in your mouth. The juices will then be released taking effect within minutes. The other option would be to take 5-7 leaves and boil them in a pot for about 5 minutes. Once the water cools down you can use the liquid as a mouthwash.

Baking Soda Paste

Baking soda paste for wisdom tooth

Using baking soda paste can help with the swelling of the tooth as well as ease pain. This home remedy can be easily applied by taking some toothpaste, putting it in a small container and mixing it with baking soda. You can make the application directly on the affected tooth. The level of pain should go down within a few minutes.

Additional Tips

Here are a few tips that you can utilize to avoid making your wisdom tooth pain any worse than it already is:

  • Stay away from foods that are hard or loaded with sugar. Chewing hard foods can make the pain worse while the sugar in sweet foods can get inside your gums and aggravate the wisdom tooth infection.
  • Drink lots of water to ensure the gums stay flushed.
  • To keep the infection to a minimum, brush your teeth after each meal and floss as good as you can in the area of the infected tooth.
  • If all else fails, an over the counter medication such as ibuprofen can be used.


Consult with a dentist near you as soon as possible to discuss potential wisdom tooth extraction. All of the remedies listed here are meant to be temporary and will not completely cure the problem. Make an appointment with your dentist at the first sign of tooth pain.

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