Reasons for an Emergency Dental Visit

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If left untreated, certain types of dental injuries can result in infections, extreme pain and discomfort, and further dental problems. So, deciding what requires an emergency dental visit that cannot wait for a regular dental appointment is important if you sustain an injury to your mouth, teeth, gums, or jaw. 

What is considered a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is any oral health issue that requires immediate medical attention to prevent permanent damage or discomfort. This can include severe toothache, tooth trauma such as a knocked-out or broken tooth, swelling of the mouth and gums, heavy bleeding from the gums, and an infection in the mouth.

Reasons for an emergency dental visit

  • Severe toothache: A severe toothache can be a sign of an infection and should be addressed immediately to prevent it from worsening. This can be caused by trapped food particles that become harmful bacteria and attack the tooth’s nerves
  • Tooth trauma: A knocked-out or broken tooth or dental implant requires quick attention to prevent permanent damage or discomfort and infection. Pieces of the broken tooth may need to be reattached, while a knocked-out tooth or dental implant in Las Vegas will need prompt dental care for the dentist to attempt reinsertion into its original socket. 
  • Swelling and sore gums: Swollen gums are usually due to an infection, such as gum disease, but can also be a sign of something more serious like oral cancer. Getting treatment right away could help reduce inflammation and keep you healthy overall. 
  • Heavy bleeding from gums: If you experience heavy bleeding from your gums that will not stop after brushing, flossing, or eating, it could indicate deeper issues like periodontal disease. You may require urgent medical attention to get the bleeding to stop. 
  • Infection in mouth: Oral infections such as abscesses can quickly spread if not addressed immediately with antibiotics or draining procedures by a professional dentist.
  • Broken jaw: A broken jaw can cause severe pain and difficulty with eating or speaking, requiring emergency care.
  • Broken braces: Broken braces in Las Vegas can cause several issues, from discomfort to interference with eating and drinking. This dental emergency requires urgent attention to fix the damaged braces.

How much does an emergency dental visit cost?

The cost of an emergency dental visit varies based on the severity of the issue and the treatment required. Generally, expect to pay more than you would for a regular cleaning. In addition, if more extensive treatments like extractions or root canals are needed, costs may be higher. 

Some dental insurance plans will cover a portion of these expenses. So, it is important to check with your dental office or insurance provider for specific details regarding coverage.

Do emergency dentist appointments cost more?

An emergency dentist appointment can cost more when you see the dentist outside of regular office hours. However, this should not deter you from seeking immediate treatment when you need Las Vegas emergency dental care services.

Emergency dental appointments during normal office hours usually do not cost more for consultation than a regular dental consultation. However, depending on the treatment needed, costs to resolve the emergency can and do vary. 

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When can you get an emergency dentist appointment?

When you are experiencing a dental emergency, you can get an appointment based on the severity of the problem and the urgency of treatment. For example, your dentist may instruct you to go to the emergency room, where they will meet you. Your dentist may also have you meet them at the dental office.

If the emergency is something that can wait until regular office hours or occurs while the office is open, then you do not need an emergency dentist appointment. However, you should still call the dental office and let them know you have a dental emergency and are on your way. 

Where can I see an emergency dentist in Las Vegas or Reno?

Where can I see an emergency dentist in Las Vegas or Reno?

When you require emergency dental treatment in Las Vegas or Reno, look no further than Absolute Dental. Our experienced and knowledgeable board-certified emergency dentists are available for 24-hour dental emergencies to provide prompt, quality care. You also do not require an emergency dental appointment to see an emergency dentist at one of our Las Vegas or Reno area office locations during normal office hours. 



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