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Tips On Taking Care Of Your Braces

Taking care of your braces is an essential part of your oral hygiene routine to ensure the success of your treatment. Neglecting your braces can lead to all sorts of dental problems, including plaque buildup, dental decay, and cavities. It can also increase treatment time before you can ge...

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What Causes Tooth Decay In Kids?

Tooth decay, also known as cavities, is a common dental issue among children of all ages. Sugary drinks, sticky snacks, and the lack of fully developed good dental habits all play a role in the unfortunate and all too common reality of kids suffering from tooth decay.  As the name suggest...

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Just Moved? Here’s How To Find a Dentist

Over 50% of Americans report satisfaction with their current dentist. Given this, it’s understandable why so many Americans get frustrated at the thought of having to find a new dentist when they move.  At Absolute Dental, switching dentists does not have to be a stressful experience. O...

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How Do You Stop Toothache Pain At Night?

In the hushed stillness of the night, the relentless throbbing of a toothache can transform what is meant to be peaceful hours of dreaming into things from tormenting nightmares. Anyone who has ever experienced the excruciating discomfort of a toothache knows it has the uncanny ability to ...

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10 Home Remedies for a Tooth Abscess

Tooth abscesses can form in your gums or on the roots of your teeth. Common causes include untreated tooth decay, gum disease, or damage caused by injuries.  Suppose you’re wondering how to drain a tooth abscess at home to avoid a trip to the dentist. In that case, you should know t...

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I Have a Dental Emergency. What Should I Do?

Dental emergencies affect millions annually. Some of the reasons you might have a dental emergency include the following: A blow from an object Car accidents Inadequate dental care Poor dental health Slips and falls When you have a dental emergency, you may wonder what you should do and wh...

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Reasons for an Emergency Dental Visit

If left untreated, certain types of dental injuries can result in infections, extreme pain and discomfort, and further dental problems. So, deciding what requires an emergency dental visit that cannot wait for a regular dental appointment is important if you sustain an injury to your mouth...

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Seven Things to Know About Dental Implants

Dental implants have completely changed the field of dentistry, offering a better way to enhance the appearance and functionality of your smile. Here, we’ll cover the most-asked questions about dental implants, from understanding the surgery to the numerous benefits. By the end, you&...

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How do discount dental plans work that are not insurance?

In today’s world, dental care expenses can be overwhelming. Many struggle to afford regular dental visits, preventative treatments, or necessary procedures. Dental insurance may come to mind, but it often entails high premiums, deductibles, and limited coverage, leaving individuals in se...

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8 Common Children Dental Emergencies

Kids have accidents, and some can be more accident-prone than others. Maybe they were playing sports and got hit in the face with a ball. They could have been rough-housing with other kids, fell down, and banged their mouth on the floor.   When a child has an accident, like skinning thei...

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