Pediatric Dental Procedures

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Establishing healthy dental habits at an early age is critical to having a healthy smile that will grow with you. However, with many children, establishing good oral health habits takes time, effort, and practice. Along the way, many children need additional support through routine dental procedures to help them get the best smile possible. 

Today, we will be taking a closer look at some of these routine dental procedures, why they might be performed, and how they can help you get the best smile possible. 

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What Are the Most Common Pediatric Dental Procedures?

The term “dental procedure” may feel scary, but the reality is taking these preventative measures (which is what a dental procedure amounts to when it happens to young children) will keep your child healthy and bright.

So, what exactly are some of the most common types of dental procedures for children? Let’s take a look. 

Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings are critical to a child’s dental health. All children should visit their dentist at least two times a year for a check-up, during which a dental hygienist will perform a cleaning. 

Unlike your daily routine of cleaning your teeth at home, dental cleaning is more in-depth and involves a hygienist using specialized tools to ensure harmful plaque is removed from your child’s mouth. 

A hygienist may also perform other services, including checking for gum issues and improving overall oral health.


Fillings are one of the most common pediatric dental procedures. Dental fillings are a treatment used to stop tooth decay after it has started. Children’s teeth are susceptible to cavities because children are still practicing and understanding good oral health habits.

When a tooth becomes infected and a cavity forms on it, a dentist will numb the area around the tooth and remove the infection. The gap left behind after the cavity is removed is filled with a composite material such as ceramic porcelain. This procedure makes up the filling. A filling allows a tooth to continue its normal functionality while preventing further decay


Children may need dental extractions for a variety of reasons. Common reasons include the removal of wisdom teeth or overcrowding, the removal of teeth because of an accident, and removal because of too much infection.

When a tooth is removed, this procedure is known as an extraction. Before an extraction, a pediatric dentist will numb the area around the tooth and systematically remove it. While extractions may seem scary, they are a common and relatively easy procedure to perform. 

Dental Crowns 

Another one of the most common pediatric dental procedures is a dental crown treatment. A dental crown is like a cap that goes over a tooth to protect it. When a child has an infection on their baby teeth (a cavity), a dentist will numb the area around the tooth and remove the infection from the tooth, much like a filling. However, there are times when a lot of the tooth is removed, and a filling may not be the best treatment option. It could be that a filling will not provide enough protection or that a child may have issues with the functionality of the tooth. When this happens, a dentist will recommend using a dental crown instead. 

Crowns are molded to the shape of the original tooth and are made out of durable metal, composite resin, or porcelain material. However, dental crowns that go over baby teeth are usually made out of a durable metal material.

Pediatric Braces 

Braces are another common dental procedure children and teens can undergo. Braces are a type of dental device that corrects issues such as overcrowding and crooked teeth. There are a variety of braces options for pediatric patients, with some of the most common being metal bracket braces and tray aligners such as Invisalign. 

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