When Do You Get Your Wisdom Teeth?

A dentist using a pen to point at a dental X-ray that shows impacted wisdom teeth.

Your first dental milestone occurs when your central incisors arrive, typically before your first birthday. Most of your baby teeth will erupt before your earliest memories, so you won’t remember when you didn’t have teeth.

Your baby teeth start falling out when you’re six, and your permanent teeth begin arriving by the age of seven. Your third molars, known as wisdom teeth, are the last to arrive, and you may need to see your dentist before they erupt.

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What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the teeth that arrive last and are also your largest permanent teeth. Their size is one of the reasons they were essential centuries ago because they could break down food. Today, people mainly consume processed foods and don’t rely on third molars to perform this task.

When Do You Get Your Wisdom Teeth?

Most people get their wisdom teeth during their college years, although getting them in your last year of high school is possible. Some people never get third molars. 

Why Would I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Today, many people need their wisdom teeth removed. You may wonder why you would need your wisdom teeth removed if humans benefited from them centuries ago. Dietary changes caused human jaws to shrink, reducing the space for third molars. 

Symptoms of wisdom teeth eruption can include the following:

  • Cavities
  • Cysts
  • Irritated or inflamed gums
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Pain
  • Sinus pain

Do You Get Headaches When Your Wisdom Teeth Come In? 

A 3D illustration of wisdom tooth pain shooting up to cause headaches.

You may suffer from headaches if your wisdom teeth cause sinus problems. The primary reason for sinus issues is pressure from overcrowding. The wisdom teeth in your upper jaw are responsible for sinus issues.

Are There Alternatives To Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Some people’s third molars erupt without issues and cause no complications. However, if you’re experiencing symptoms from erupted or impacted wisdom teeth, the only way to eliminate the issues and protect your oral health is to schedule your wisdom teeth extraction.

What Can You Expect During The Extraction?

Your dentist will take X-rays to confirm your wisdom teeth are impacted or preparing to erupt. X-rays confirm their location since impacted wisdom teeth are stuck in your gums or jaw.

Once your dentist confirms you need your wisdom teeth out, you’ll schedule the procedure. Some patients opt for local anesthetic when their dentist removes their teeth. Those who find dental procedures stressful may choose sedation

The length of time needed to remove your wisdom teeth varies. One factor is the number of teeth you must have extracted. Some people do not receive all four wisdom teeth, or the teeth may develop at different times. The position of your third molars can also extend the time needed for removal if they’re in a tricky location. If your wisdom teeth are easy to reach, your procedure could be complete within a few hours.

What To Do When You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Out

Whether you’re getting your wisdom teeth out in Las Vegas or Reno, you must follow the same steps after your wisdom teeth extraction. Be sure to ask your dentist questions before and after your procedure, and follow their instructions. 

Since tooth extractions can prevent your blood from clotting, you should avoid blood thinners after your extraction. Blood clots form in your tooth socket after your surgery to prompt the healing process, and you should avoid any activities that may damage the clots to prevent bleeding. Perhaps you’re wondering when you can drink soda after your wisdom teeth extraction. You might not be happy to hear that drinking soda can affect blood clots. Consequently, you should wait a few days before reaching for your favorite soft drink. 

Other activities you should suspend include the following:

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Eating hard candies
  • Eating hard food
  • Rinsing your mouth
  • Smoking
  • Spitting 

Your dentist may also prescribe antibiotics and painkillers to prevent infection and help you manage the pain. You should book an appointment with your dentist a week after the removal to ensure you’re healing properly.

How Much Are Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

Your total wisdom teeth extraction cost depends on the number of wisdom teeth you need to have removed, their position, and whether you choose a local anesthetic or sedation. You could spend as little as $200 if you only have one wisdom tooth to remove; however, if your teeth are impacted, and you opt for sedation, you could spend over $4,000 to remove four wisdom teeth. 

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