The American Dental Association (ADA) has asked dentists to defer all elective treatment at this time, and only provide emergency services. This is to help preserve protective equipment (masks, gowns, gloves, etc.) for hospitals and urgent care centers as well as limit the spread of the virus. We are keeping a limited number of locations open to provide emergency dental services, to both help you and reduce the traffic to Emergency Rooms (ERs) and urgent care centers so that they can focus on non-dental emergencies. If you are in pain and need emergency dental treatment, please call (702) 744-8009 and we can assist you right away.

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Greetings Team Absolute,

During this unprecedented event we have elected to keep only certain offices open to provide emergency and essential care in an effort to lessen the burden dental emergencies place on the hospital emergency rooms. The ADA has recently released a guide that will be helpful in determining what is “emergency” vs. “non-emergency” care. According to the ADA “The guidance may change as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses,” and “Dentists should use their professional judgment in determining a patient’s need for urgent or emergency care.”

Here is a quick overview of the categories as defined by the ADA:


Here is a link to the full ADA article for your review:

Many dental offices are closing because of this pandemic and state of emergency. The public will be turning to us in this time of need to manage their dental emergencies. Let’s do our part in fulfilling this need and keeping the burden off of the hospitals and urgent care facilities to the best of our ability. Please know this situation is fluid and rapidly evolving, and we will keep you up to date as information comes in. Feel free to contact Dr. Futch directly at 773-350-0139. Thank you for continuing to help patients during this unprecedented and uncertain time with their urgent dental needs.


Dr. Prada

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