Good morning Team Absolute,

We continue to adapt to both the recent “shelter in place” restrictions along with our reduced footprint of 8 practices seeing only emergencies.  To align costs further, yesterday we temporarily laid off all Practice Support Center & Regional Director Team Members with the exception of Team Members to help keep systems and processes running or who are actively still able to collect cash.

While it’s our intention to do our part and remain socially responsible by keeping practices open for emergencies to avoid unnecessary visits in the medical system, our plan is to operate in this reduced fashion next week and understand if we’re able to expand or will need to close additional practices and, ultimately, close the company temporarily in its entirety .  I’m sure by now that everyone understands that these decisions are truly day by day.

Until then, be safe.  Some thoughts:

  • Limit Information Intake. Take a break from scrolling through your feed, reading articles and watching videos on the Coronavirus. With so much misinformation out there, it can feel confusing to read and hear so many mixed messages. Although it is important to stay informed on current updates on the Coronavirus, try to limit checking the news to just once a day and make sure you are getting information from reputable sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.
  • Maintain Connections. Take extra time and work to maintain your personal connections. Social distancing and telecommuting can contribute to feelings of isolation, when right now we need community more than ever. Touch base with friends and family via text messages, phone calls or FaceTime. Try to think of creative ways to bridge the gap and stay connected during this uncertain time. Stay tuned for more on this via our upcoming newsletter.
  • Get Outside. Although it is recommended we practice social distancing, it’s still possible to go outside to breathe in fresh air and appreciate nature. Going for a walk can create a much needed mental health break, curb stress and reduce anxiety.
  • Exercise.  Exercise is proven to reduce anxiety and stress.  Now might be the perfect time to start that routine
  • Be Thankful. Expressing gratitude has been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels. Best of all, it’s easy (and free!) to do! From text messages, to emails, to a simple phone call to a co-worker, a small act of kindness can have an immense impact on someone’s day, attitude and mood, including your own.

Stay Safe,

Dr. Prada & David Drzewiecki

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