Good evening Team Absolute!

We close out April and welcome the month of May!  We also are one communication closer to likely what will be our last Team Member update in this fashion.  A few updates to share:

  • Team Member Safety – All Team Members remain healthy and safe!
  • Nevada Dental Board (NDB) Guidance –  Today after a near 6 hour meeting, the NDB approved the following memo and concluded that most elective dental services can restart on 5/4.  Further clarification and communication to follow.
  • Reopen Date & Rehire Date – Given the information shared above, we are targeting a thoughtful full reopening centering around the date of 5/18.
  • Absolute Dental Emergency Patient Support – We now have 13 practices servicing emergency patients in addition to specialty.  We expect to reopen another 4 practices in the next week and will continue to reopen more based on patient flow.  In addition to servicing emergency patients, next week practices should expect to see approved elective procedures as well.  Again, more details on this will follow.
  • Reopening PPE/Sterilization Protocols – The clinical team has worked diligently to review all ADA/CDC/OSHA/NDB communications to create a “return to work” safety protocol.  All Team Members and affiliated providers are required to review and acknowledge this new policy via Paycom.  Beginning tomorrow, you will be able to log in to Paycom to review and acknowledge to get ahead of this information before your return to work.  Here you will find out about new important processes around social distancing, PPE and safety protocols, etc.  These processes and protocols will again be reinforced on your return to work.

We continue to prioritize Social Responsibility, Team Member Safety, and Financial Preparedness.  We are SO looking forward to welcoming you back and working together again.  Talk soon!

Dr. Prada & David Drzewiecki
Stay Safe.  #AbsoluteStrong

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