Paying cash for dental care

Medical insurance can become difficult to pay for, especially when there are premiums. As far as dentistry goes, not all medical insurance covers dental work. There is dental insurance, but those plans could also be expensive and just add more bills to the pile. You can help save some money on these bills and this type of coverage by paying cash for dental care. Many people have assumed that paper currency is obsolete and credit cards should be the only way to pay. However, paying money upfront for something like dental care could have many benefits, including more discounts, less hassle, more personal time with dentists, doesn’t require your dentist to deal with third-party credit arrangements and, most importantly, can help you save money. This can be either if you only use cash or using it in conjunction with insurance.

Saves You Money

Paying cash at the dentist

The major reason for paying cash for dental care is that it saves you money in the long run. In fact, using cash in general over credit and insurance has its benefits whether it’s for the dentist or for your groceries. You’d be less inclined to spend more than you need to. Using cash is also a cheaper way of payment. In terms of paying for a dentist, the price is more definite. Therefore, it’s easier to fit dental care into your budget.

Since most medical insurance doesn’t cover dental care and dental insurance can add to your expenses, paying for cash can be a very affordable solution. Similar to real estate, a lot of medical businesses are beginning to provide discounts to patients who can pay their bills in cash fully and immediately. This applies to a variety of dental surgery procedures. Certain practices will offer discounts on dental care and other financial arrangements since it can be beneficial for both parties. Although it isn’t always cheaper than insurance, you should try to compare the payment choices to find the option that’s the most affordable to you.

There are multiple ways you can unearth estimated prices for certain procedures. There are lists for these, such as surgery price lists, that many hospitals and doctors have taken to using for their establishments. This, of course, includes dentists. You can find a list like this on different insurance websites. The prices can vary by location. It’s good to find this information because not only do you get a pretty good idea of how much money you may need to save up for, but you’ll also know exactly where the money is going. The prices are listed for anesthetics, medicine, and other supplies and practices. Having that knowledge gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re not being over-charged.

Less Hassle

Patient insurance information

When it comes to dental insurance, it can be frustrating for both you and your dentist. First, there’s paperwork that needs to be filled out. Next, you both wait for your medical insurance provider to send the dentist the money. There’s also the bills you have to pay later. The worst-case scenario is that the dentist doesn’t receive the money from your insurance provider, and this is yet another situation you have to figure out.

When you give your dentist cash, it’s immediate. You don’t have to fill out paperwork or wait for your insurance provider to send you the bills. Direct cash payment helps make sure that money isn’t lost in the process. Though you’re not always guaranteed a cash discount, paying with paper money will lift a large burden off of your shoulders. It’s less of a hassle for both you and your dentist.

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If dentists weren’t so busy dealing with insurance paperwork, then they would have more time to spend with you. Upfront payment cuts away at that time. It’s important for dentists to spend quality time with their patients. They could learn more about you and your dental issues, helping them to find more effective methods in your dental care. You’ll also feel pretty comfortable knowing that not only do you not have to worry about future bills, but your dentist is friendly and down-to-earth.

When you spend that extra time to talk to your dentist, you’ll be more likely to take care of your oral hygiene.

Less Pressure from Third-Party Credit Arrangements

filling out dental insurance form

Dentists act as the middle-party between consumers and credit arrangements. Sadly, there’s a reason why dentists sometimes can’t offer a cash discount. Dentists may have to pay an interest fee for financing that can range between five and 15 percent. That’s even higher than the expected two to three percent merchant fee that more commonly charged to other businesses. So you not receiving a cash discount may be because other clients are paying with insurance and credit cards. This may make it difficult for the dentist to have trouble with affording to give price reductions.

The fees a dentist may have to pay can vary, so some can provide cash discounts. When you are paying them cash, that’s fewer fees on their end. Finding a dentist who doesn’t have a third-party credit arrangement may be difficult. The reason so many dentists work with these companies is to receive patients. Arrangements can do mass advertising that results in the dentist obtaining more prospects and, in turn, increase their overall income by a significant amount. Regardless of the benefits for dentists, there are still trade-offs. Your paying in cash could help them reduce some of these trade-offs, so they may be encouraged to receive this payment and even possibly provide discounts. It could even inspire dentists to abandon third-party credit arrangements and only accept cash.

Paying for cash increases your chances of getting better discounts, it’s less hassle for both sides, dentists benefit from lack of pressure from third-party credit arrangements, and, most of all, it can save you more money. Talk to your local dentist about the details for paying in cash up front.

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