What To Do If You Have Chipped Crowns

Many patients have crowns, for either cosmetic or for structural reasons. Crowns are essentially an entire cap put on top of a tooth that is severely compromised, and needs to be reduced due to damage or decay to a point that would allow the root or pulp of the tooth to be exposed. A crown is shaped and adhered to the existing tooth material in order to create a stable structure that allows the patient to chew and eat without pain or discomfort.

Crowns are made of porcelain or another composite material like it, and as a result they can sometimes chip or crack if they are subjected to extreme hot or cold, or are impacted as a result of an accident. As a general rule, if the chip or crack is small enough the crown may be repaired with a composite resin, while the crown is still in your mouth. If the chip or crack is too large and extensive, the crown will likely need to be replaced.