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Manual v. Electric Toothbrushes: Which is Better?

Proper oral health starts with your daily hygiene habits at home. When you brush your teeth, you’re able to remove plaque, bacteria and odor-causing germs that can lead to problems with tooth decay and gingivitis. There are two different types of toothbrushes available on the market:...

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How to Handle Your Child’s Tooth Fairy Experience

When kids start to lose their baby teeth, it can be a confusing time for them. However, a great way to make it a fun and exciting experience is to include the idea of the tooth fairy! Your children will look forward to a visit from the tooth fairy and a little reward under their … <...

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How to Manage Dental Anxiety in Children

It’s common for children to be fearful or stressed when it comes to visiting the dentist. After all, many adults share those same feelings, so you can imagine how overwhelming it can be for kids. Here are some dental anxiety management tips to help children cope with their emotions and h...

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Vaping and Your Oral Health

  Many people are switching to vaping because they want to stop smoking cigarettes. However, studies have shown that vaping may not necessarily be healthier than cigarette smoking. The chemicals in e-cigarettes can be damaging to the body, including your teeth, gums and mouth. Here...

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Mountain Dew Mouth: Why Dentists Hate Mountain Dew

  If Mountain Dew is one of your favorite beverages, it may be time to reconsider your options. Mountain Dew, along with other sugary sodas and drinks, can be detrimental to your oral health and overall well-being. Dentists are seeing the horrible effects of Mountain Dew on some patie...

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Your Guide to a Teething Toddler

  Teething can be stressful for both parent and child. Toddlers often experience unpleasant symptoms, such as a teething rash, teething fever and sore gums. That is why parents may find themselves spending hours trying to console their crying child. Fortunately, there are several ways...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Denture Care

  Dentures are an excellent cosmetic and functional fix for many of our patients. They’re durable, affordable and can help those who have struggled with chewing, speaking and smiling due to missing teeth. However, some people don’t realize it’s just as necessary to take care of ...

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What A Dentist Says About Oil Pulling

  If you’re interested in alternative medicines, you may have heard of oil pulling as a method to remove bacteria from the mouth and promote oral hygiene. Oil pulling has gained some popularity in recent years because of its alleged dental health benefits and ability to prevent toot...

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