Absolute Clear Vs. Braces Vs. Invisalign® Vs. Smile Direct Club

Braces vs invisalign vs smile direct club

It’s easier than ever before to get a perfectly straight smile. Several options on the market offer ways to gradually correct misalignments that range from clear aligners to traditional metal braces. If you’re looking to correct crooked teeth and wonder what might work best for you, our dental professionals explain your choices and the pros and cons of each.

Absolute Clear Braces Invisalign® Smile Direct Club
Comfort Designed to gradually correct misalignments as comfortably as possible Most patients experience pressure, irritation, and discomfort during treatment Tightness and mild discomfort are common soon after switching trays Some may experience tightness and irritation
Price Perfect for those on a budget, with special pricing and payment plans available Metal braces are usually the most affordable orthodontic option Invisalign® trays are replaced often, which can make treatment relatively more expensive More affordable than Invisalign® but more costly than metal braces or Absolute Clear
*General Treatment Times *8 – 24 weeks *18 – 36 months *6 – 12 months *6 – 10 months
Restrictions Best for mild dental misalignments; no dietary restrictions Best for moderate to severe misalignment; dietary restrictions apply to prevent damage to the braces Best for mild to moderate dental misalignments; no dietary restrictions Best for mild dental misalignments; no dietary restrictions


(*These are average treatment times and can vary based on several factors, including the severity of the misalignment and patient cooperation.)

Absolute Clear

Clear aligners offered at Absolute Dental are a popular way to straighten teeth because of their many benefits. The most significant advantage for many dental patients is the ability to correct misalignments discreetly. Because Absolute Clear aligners are almost invisible, you don’t have to worry about obvious or bulky orthodontic gear while you work towards that perfect smile.

So what sets Absolute Clear apart from other types of clear aligners? Here are a few key differences to consider when choosing the best option for you or your child:

  • Comfort – Absolute Clear is designed to gradually correct misalignments as comfortably as possible.
  • Price – Absolute Clear is perfect for those on a budget. Contact the Absolute Dental team for special offers and payment options.
  • Treatment Time – Depending on the patient, treatment time ranges anywhere from 8 – 24 weeks to complete.
  • Restrictions – With Absolute Clear, your diet is not restricted because you can remove the trays before eating.

One of our dental professionals will supervise your treatment in a clinical setting, ensuring that you get successful results. However, patients must follow their dentist’s instructions between visits for the most effective treatment.

Contact our team to learn more about our special Absolute Clear offers!


women with braces at the dentist

Braces provide a durable and practical way to correct crooked teeth and have helped dental patients for decades to achieve successful results. Metal braces are often the best option for dental patients with severe misalignments, such as rotated teeth, that require stronger materials and pressure to move individual teeth effectively. Here are some things to consider with braces:

  • Comfort – Most patients experience some pressure, irritation and discomfort during treatment. However, it lessens as treatment goes on.
  • Price – Metal braces are usually the most affordable orthodontic option. Although, they are not always the fastest or most discreet way to straighten teeth.
  • Treatment Time – Depending on the severity of the dental misalignment, metal braces can take between 18 – 36 months.
  • Restrictions – There are dietary restrictions with braces to avoid damage or food particles becoming lodged in the hardware.

If you’re wondering if you should choose braces, it’s always best to talk to your orthodontist. Dental professionals can assess the level of your dental misalignment and recommend braces if needed.

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woman holding an Invisalign

Invisalign® is another clear aligner you may have heard of while doing your research on orthodontic options. Featuring a strong plastic construction that fits over the teeth, it is almost completely invisible. Your dentist will supervise your Invisalign® treatment as you switch to the next set of aligners that gradually straighten the teeth.

However, as with every orthodontic choice available on the market, there are certain things to consider:

  • Comfort – Invisalign® trays are thicker than other clear aligner options, which applies more pressure on the teeth. Mild discomfort is expected soon after switching trays.
  • Price – Invisalign® trays are replaced often, which can make treatment more expensive than other orthodontic options.
  • Treatment Time – Length of treatment can vary but generally ranges from 6 – 12 months.
  • Restrictions – You can eat and drink what you like as long as you remove your aligner before. You will also need to wear your aligners for about 22 hours per day.

When it comes to braces vs Invisalign®, it really depends on the results you’re hoping for and what will work best with your lifestyle. Invisalign® requires active participation from the patient to ensure the treatment is successful. Braces are permanently fixed in the mouth during treatment, so you don’t have to worry about taking them out while eating, remembering to replace them, or potentially losing them while they’re removed.

Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club offers clear aligners you can order online without ever having to see dentists or orthodontists in person. You are sent an impression kit that allows you to take a mold of your smile, then send it off to them via mail. The company then uses the mold to make your set of plastic aligners, which are sent to you within a few weeks.

Although this may work for some dental patients with mild misalignments, it may not be best for everyone. Here are some important points to think about:

  • Comfort – As with other clear aligners, patients may experience some tightness after switching trays. Also, because the initial mold process is not supervised by a professional, there may be some parts of the aligner that don’t fit perfectly resulting in irritation and sores.
  • Price – With braces vs Smile Direct Club, braces are a more affordable option. However, Invisalign vs Smile Direct Club, Smile Direct has a slight advantage with price.
  • Treatment Time – General treatment time ranges from 6 – 10 months.
  • Restrictions – This is not typically the best option for those with more serious misalignments or bite issues. But for those with mild issues who choose this option, Smile Direct Club does not have dietary restrictions.

Can Dental Insurance Be Used on All Options?

Whether or not you can use your insurance for braces or aligners depends on several factors, including the type of insurance you have, what qualifies under your policy, and the reason for needing orthodontic treatments.

In many cases, orthodontics is considered cosmetic and may not be covered by insurance. However, other policies will cover part of it if you make a claim with your insurance company. This is why it’s essential to weigh the cost of these options along with other important factors.

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What Works Fastest?

Again, what option will work fastest can differ depending on the circumstances and the patient. Traditional metal braces can apply more pressure to move teeth more quickly, but misalignments are often more severe, which can take more time to correct.

Also, if a patient fails to follow the treatment plan with removable plastic aligners, such as forgetting to put them back in after a meal or not wearing them for as long as required, they may have to start their treatment over.

In general, if a person’s dental misalignment is mild and they can follow the treatment directions and guidelines, you can start to see results with clear aligners in a matter of just 8 weeks!

What’s the Best Method To Clean Invisalign®?

cleaning Invisalign with toothbrush

It’s important that you speak with your dentist on how to properly care for your Invisalign® trays. A professional will provide the information you need to keep your aligners clean and your mouth healthy. According to Invisalign® care instructions, this involves gently brushing your aligners every night with your toothbrush and cleaning solutions, foam, or crystals for the best results. You should also brush and floss your teeth daily.

What Hurts the Most/Least?

When it comes to correcting crowded teeth, gaps, or any type of misalignment, the more gradual the shift, the less discomfort you will feel. Because metal braces can apply more pressure than plastic aligners, patients may experience pain right after installation, and every time the wires and brackets are adjusted.

Soon after switching to a new plastic tray during clear aligner treatment, you will most likely feel some tightness and pressure. However, this quickly fades as the teeth adjust to the new set. It’s vital that you wear the aligners for the recommended amount of time per day to prevent the teeth from shifting back. Failing to do this will create more discomfort when you try to reinsert the aligner.

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Which Option Is Best for You?

If you’re ready to get the smile you’ve always wanted, contact Absolute Dental today! Our experienced orthodontists can conduct a full assessment and share the best option for you, which may be Absolute Clear, Invisalign®, or traditional braces. Whatever your choice, we want to make dental care easy and affordable.

Contact our team to learn about special offers, our Smile Saver Dental Plan and other payment plans available to you.

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