Good and Bad Food for Your Teeth

Taking care of your teeth requires more than brushing your teeth and routine dental care. Proper teeth care also consists of eating the right foods. Not only will watching what you eat help with nutrition for your teeth; it will protect the outside of your teeth as well.

Good Food For Your Teeth

Foods that contain calcium, such as milk and cheese, are very good nutritionally for your teeth. Teeth need calcium to stay strong and retain their enamel coating. However, these two foods are lo very good for your teeth because when you eat them, they do not encourage bacteria growth.

Additionally, chicken, nuts, other types of meat and green vegetables have the same impact on your teeth when they are eaten. These foods contain many nutrients that are essential for teeth health and are not harsh on the enamel.

Bad Food For Your Teeth

Of course, everyone knows that candy is not good for your teeth, but many people do not know why. It is the sugar in the candy that is bad. Bacteria that causes tooth decay feeds on sugar. This bacteria is not restricted, however, to table sugar for its meal, it will also consume any type of carbohydrate.

eating bad food for teethFoods that are high in carbohydrates can damage your teeth. These include most fruits, most breads and pastas, and rice. Since it is impossible, and probably not healthy, to cut all of these items out of your diet, it is important to remember that you should brush your teeth or rinse out your mouth after eating these types of foods to reduce bacteria growth.

Food and drinks that are high in acid, such as citrus, coffee, and tea, will also cause damage to the enamel of your teeth. The acids in these foods burn through the enamel and can cause it to stain or eventually decay. Much like foods with high carbohydrate content, people should rinse out their mouths after consuming high acid foods or drinks to reduce damage to their teeth.

Alcoholic beverages are also very damaging to your teeth. Beer has a very high carbohydrate level, and wine and other liquors can either have a very high sugar content or a very high acid content. It is important to protect your teeth anytime that you consume alcohol.

Ice Is Made For Cooling Drinks

Ice may not officially be considered a food product, but it is often served with drinks. Many people have made it a habit to chew the ice in their drinks, and this can be very dangerous for your teeth. More people break or crack teeth by chewing ice than by any other method. Coming in at a close second is damage to teeth from chewing on hard candy.

The foods you consume will have a direct impact on your teeth. Eating healthier foods always has a positive effect. However, even if you do not always eat teeth-friendly foods, you can protect your teeth by brushing them soon after the meal or at least drinking some water to clean your mouth. Additionally, there are good foods to eat after you get braces. You may have temporary diet restrictions while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Overall, brushing your teeth regularly, flossing, and routine dental care will also help ensure that your teeth remain healthy, on top of eating healthy.

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