How To Recover From A Wisdom Tooth Extraction

wisdom teeth pain

Wisdom teeth generally grow sometime during adolescence or early adulthood, but some people get them earlier or later than others. Dentists may perform a wisdom tooth extraction¹ to avoid:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Overcrowding in your mouth
  • Teeth growing at the wrong angles
  • Cavities or gum disease

Dentists often recommend wisdom teeth extraction before they are fully grown to make the process less invasive and improve dental health. Once the procedure is complete, recovery times can vary, depending on the number of teeth removed and how developed the tooth was upon extraction. However, proper care is always essential for a quick recovery and to avoid infection.

What Are Tips to Recover After Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled?

It’s good to plan ahead and set aside some time for recovery. Here is a list of things to think about if you have your wisdom teeth removed.

1. Plan a Few Days for Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery

Getting teeth pulled is still surgery, and you never know exactly how you will feel until it’s over. Returning to your regular routine too soon could increase swelling or cause bleeding. Plan to take a few days after surgery to recover and manage wisdom teeth removal pain if necessary.

2. Have Soft Foods and Liquids on Hand

After getting your wisdom teeth removed, it’s best to start with soft foods to allow your gums to heal and prevent food pieces from getting into any incisions. Speak to your dentist about the best foods during wisdom teeth extraction recovery.

3. Keep the Area Clean

As your mouth heals, you should keep the affected area as clean as possible to prevent bacteria from growing or developing an infection. Your dentist will recommend oral hygiene tips to keep your teeth and the surgical site clean.

4. Follow All Instructions Given to You by Your Dental Clinic

Everyone is different, so make sure you listen to the advice and directions from your dentist, who knows your specific situation. Also, take all prescription medication as directed and contact your dentist if you have any questions or concerns.

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How Can I Recover Quickly After Getting My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Man holding ice to swollen cheek after wisdom tooth extraction

The quickest way to recover is to follow all instructions given to you by your dentist. However, other things might also help, including:

  • Pain medication as prescribed by your dentist
  • Ice pack for the first 48 hours, then use warm packs
  • After 24 hours, rinse your mouth with warm salt water a few times a day
  • Avoid sugary candy and hard foods
  • Refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol
  • Avoid strenuous activity for a few days
  • Get lots of rest

How Long Is Recovery From Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Recovery time after a wisdom tooth extraction is usually three to four days. After extraction, your dentist will place gauze pads at the extraction site to help stop bleeding. You will be able to remove them once the bleeding stops.

If there were any other issues, such as an impacted tooth or infection after surgery, recovery time could stretch to a week or more. You may continue to see swelling around your mouth for up to three days after surgery, but swelling should begin to go down with proper rest and care.

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How Long Does the Pain Last After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Pain from a wisdom tooth extraction can vary from person to person. The size and depth of the root, existing infection, or the need for braces can influence the ease of removal. Pain and soreness may still be present for up to ten days after the surgery, but most people can manage the pain with simple over-the-counter medication.

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What Can I Expect After After Sedation?

There are two standard sedation options for wisdom teeth removal: a local anesthetic and general anesthesia. Your sedation choice will likely influence the type of recovery you experience:

Local Anesthetic

A local anesthetic is considered a low-risk way to manage pain during a procedure². It numbs a small area with a simple injection and rarely has side effects. It usually takes about 30 to 60 minutes for local anesthesia to wear off, but it may take up to a few hours for full feeling to return.

General Anesthetic

General anesthesia is a combination of medicines administered through a breathing mask or an IV. It causes unconsciousness, so the patient experiences no pain and has no memory of the procedure. Once the extraction is finished, the anesthesia is stopped, and your vital signs are monitored for about 30 minutes as you regain consciousness.

With different types of anesthesia and levels of sedation, your dentist will ask that you have someone drive you home as you may feel groggy or confused for a few hours following surgery. If possible, have someone stay with you for 24 hours after a general anesthetic to make sure you are fully recovered and can safely be on your own.

Experienced Dentists for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

talking with dentist after wisdom teeth extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction recovery can vary from person to person, but following the doctor’s orders and a few simple recovery steps can help speed up the process and get you back on your feet in no time.

If you’re looking for expert dental advice for wisdom tooth extraction, Absolute Dental can help. Our caring staff and expertise can guide you through the process and keep your teeth looking and feeling their best. Schedule an appointment today!


¹Frisbee, E. (31 October 2021) Wisdom Teeth Removal: What Adults Should Expect. Web MD. Retrieved 16 March 2022.
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