Why Your Smile Is So Important

big smile in Las Vegas, NVThere is an old saying that when you smile, the whole world smiles with you. People love to see someone smile because it conveys happiness. A smile makes people believe that you are confident in what you are saying and believe in what you are doing.

People will often make assumptions about another person based on how they smile. If they smile easily, these people are viewed as trustworthy and friendly. If a smile is forced or hidden, people often assume that the person has something to hide. It is truly amazing how people react to smiles and how a smile can actually affect how a person feels about themselves.

Increasing Self Confidence With A Smile

When a person feels embarrassed about their smile, they often place themselves in a position to not have to smile. They avoid talking about things that make them feel happy, they avoid doing things that could make them laugh, and they reduce the amount of interaction they have with other people because they are self-conscious about their smile. This is all done on a subconscious level, and it can lead to unhappiness.

In most cases, people feel embarrassed about their smile because they do not like the way their teeth appear to others. Thankfully, teeth issues can be corrected, and a person does not have to commit themselves to a life of never smiling because they are uncomfortable with the appearance of their teeth. Not only can braces fix crooked teeth, but they can also improve the shape of your face and jaw!

Many people who have lived with this type of fear and have had issues with their teeth corrected have stated how different their lives have become now that they can openly smile. They feel more confident, they have become more social, and their overall happiness levels have increased. It is an amazing transformation.

First Impressions Are Often Lasting Impressions

When you are meeting a new person for the first time, you generally greet them with an extended hand and a smile. You have just a few seconds to make an impression that can make or break the relationship you are about to form with this person.

smile being whitenedThis type of interaction takes place in both personal and business settings. You meet someone, smile and shake their hand, and then begin to form a relationship with them. However, if you greet them in a manner where the other person feels as if you are not personable or friendly, that relationship will begin as a strained one and may not develop any farther than the initial meeting.

Being able to give a genuine smile to another person when you first encounter them will give a good impression. People respond to a smile, and your smile will also make you feel more confident in the meeting. It is very hard to change a first impression, so every effort should be made to make a good one.

When you think about it, a smile means so many things. It can convey confidence, happiness, and even approval. People, as a whole, look for someone else to smile because it makes them feel good inside. This good feeling makes them respond well, and any situation becomes better.

Taking care of your smile should be important. If you feel uncomfortable with your smile, you can have these issues corrected. Feeling confident with your smile will increase your overall happiness.

About the Author

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Dr. Joan Landron

Currently serving the community at Absolute Dental since August 2008, Dr. Joan Landron graduated from Temple University School of Dentistry in 1997.

She further honed her skills with a general practice residency at Metropolitan Hospital and underwent specialized training at New York University’s Implant Program for General Practitioners. Specializing in services such as X-rays, examinations, cleanings, crowns, and more, Dr. Landron brings a comprehensive approach to general and cosmetic dentistry, including implants.

A proud member of the American Dental Association, Nevada Dental Association, and Southern Nevada Dental Association, she cherishes her free time by spending moments with family, reading, and maintaining her health through exercise. Dr. Landron takes immense pride in being a part of the Absolute Dental team and is dedicated to her patients at the Absolute Dental – Nellis in Las Vegas, ensuring they receive the best care possible.

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