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Orthodontic Emergencies In Reno

Following the proper orthodontic dental care routine is essential whether you have had braces for a while or just got them. Part of this care routine is awareness of potential orthodontic emergencies that could arise and require immediate treatment. While some issues may not be painful or cause discomfort, they could affect your treatment plan and become more expensive to fix the longer you wait. So, being aware of Reno dental emergencies and what to do will help ensure your orthodontic dental care and treatment plan stays on track. 

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Loose Or Broken Brackets

Brackets can become loose or even get broken from various activities and accidents. It is essential to see your orthodontist right away to have these issues resolved. Some common reasons for loose and broken orthodontic brackets include:

  • An accident that results in injuries to the mouth affecting your braces
  • Eating hard or sticky foods that cause damage to the brackets
  • Improper or overly aggressive dental care practices
  • There was saliva underneath the bracket when it was attached, causing it to come loose later
  • Biting down and hitting the lower braces causing them to loosen or break

Broken Wires

Sometimes, the wires that secure the brackets into place can become loose, break, or pop out. When it does, it can cause cuts, pain, and discomfort from wire irritation. A damaged wire can make eating, chewing, swallowing, or talking difficult. It is important to see an emergency Reno braces orthodontist quickly to have the wire fixed. Some common causes for broken wires include:

  • Accidents and injuries to the mouth
  • Prodding, poking, and picking at your braces
  • Chewing on pencils, straws, and other hard objects
  • Eating hard and sticky foods that get stuck to the wires

Lost Separator

Separators are normally used for a few weeks at a time during your orthodontic treatment. Small metal springs or rubber bands are slid between teeth to create space until orthodontic spacer bands can be placed. If a separator falls out or comes loose, it is vital to see your orthodontist immediately. 

Without the separator in place, your treatment plan can be delayed. Common reasons separators come loose and fall out include:

  • Eating hard or sticky foods
  • Brushing and flossing too aggressively
  • From the natural movement of the teeth
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Finding orthodontic emergency care and treatment at Absolute Dental in Reno is easy. If a wire or bracket comes loose or gets broken or lost, or a separator falls out, our experienced and compassionate orthodontists are here to help. You do not even need an appointment to see one of our emergency orthodontists. We are a full-service dental provider for you and your entire family, and we provide regular checkups and cleanings, braces, implants, and other orthodontic services to ensure you have a beautiful smile. 

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We Accept Most Dental Insurance

Absolute Dental is a preferred provider for most insurances, unions, and hotels that include: Aetna, Ameritas, Boon-Chapman, Caesars Palace, Cigna, Delta Dental, Diversified, Geha, Guardian, Harrah’s, HealthSCOPE Benefits, Health Plan of Nevada (HPN), Humana, Liberty, Met-Life, MGM-MIRAGE, Premier Access, The Standard, Station Casinos, Teachers Health Trust, United Concordia, United Healthcare, Venetian, and The Zenith. We also accept Medicaid.

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Orthodontic Emergencies FAQs

Yes, we offer emergency braces repair when you have broken and damaged braces. If it is after our regular office hours, please call one of our locations that provides emergency services to speak with a dentist and arrange a time to come in and have your braces repaired. 

The first thing you should do is call your orthodontist. They will instruct you on what to do next. For example, if you are having mild wire irritation from a broken wire and it is outside of regular office hours, they will advise you on how to keep the irritation to a minimum. Then, they will schedule a time for you to come in first thing the following day to have the wire fixed. For more serious emergencies, they may see you in the office or meet you in your local hospital’s emergency room.

  • Cracked or missing tooth or implant
  • Partially dislodged tooth
  • Broken, bent, and damaged braces
  • Severe toothache with extreme pain and headache or fever
  • Deep cuts and severe injuries inside the mouth

If you are unsure your orthodontic issue is an emergency, do not hesitate to call us immediately.

Absolute Dental has locations throughout Nevada, including Reno, Las Vegas, Sparks, Carson City, and Minden. Find your nearest Absolute Dental location today.  

You do not need insurance when you have an orthodontic emergency in Reno. At Absolute Dental, we offer several different non-insurance options, including our Smile Saver program, which provides dental treatment at reduced costs, dental specials and discounts on various services, and easy financing with interest-free payment options. 


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