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Cynthia Le

General Dentist

Working at:

Education & Credentials

Bachelors from University of New Mexico

Major in Biochemistry
Minor in Psychology

Post Graduate: UNLV School of Dental Medicine, DMD

Associations: ADA, SNDA

Services & Specialties

Comprehensive and preventative care
Simple and complex extractions
Root canal therapy
Removable full and partial dentures
Restorative fillings

Personal Interests

What Do You Like to Do Outside of Work? Build miniature dioramas, read fantasy romance novels, and enjoy potatoes in every possible form

What Do You Want Patients to Know About You? Connecting with patients and serving my community is of utmost importance to me

Why Did You Choose this Career? Since I was young, I experienced first hand how impactful a smile can be and it has set me down a path of restoring smiles that has been extremely rewarding.


Languages: English, Vietnamese, partial fluency Spanish

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