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About Our Centennial Las Vegas Dentist Office What emergency dentistry services do we offer?
What cosmetic dentistry services do we offer? What orthodontic dentistry services do we offer?
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What general dentistry services do we offer?

About Our Centennial Las Vegas Dentist Office

Absolute Dental is here to help you and your family maintain a gorgeous smile when searching for a kids’ dentist, general dentist, or emergency dentist in Las Vegas. Our modern office is equipped with all the latest dental care technologies to provide you with all the dental services you need in a single location. 

Our experienced Las Vegas dentists provide everything your family needs, from bi-annual cleanings to orthodontic and cosmetic services for an award-winning smile. We are currently accepting new patients of all ages and look forward to working with you and your family.

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What general dentistry services do we offer?

At Absolute Dental in Centennial, you will find our general dentists in Las Vegas offer all the services you need for healthy gums and teeth, including:

  • Teeth cleanings – Having your teeth cleaned every six months helps reduce the risks of tooth decay and cavities to help you maintain proper oral health. 
  • Oral cancer screenings – Oral cancer can be devastating when it is not detected soon enough. We offer these screenings for our patients who have a family history of cancer or other oral health problems. 
  • Tooth fillings – Preventing toothaches and infections is essential when you have cavities by having tooth decay removed and the tooth filled with an amalgam or composite filling.
  • Wisdom teeth extractions – When your teenager’s wisdom teeth are not developing correctly or will overcrowd their jaw, creating crooked teeth, we can extract them to help maintain their beautiful smile. 
  • Root canals – When the tooth root becomes infected, it is possible to save the tooth with a root canal procedure and prevent the spread of the infection to other teeth. 
  • Other oral surgery procedures – Oral surgery procedures can resolve toothaches when the tooth cannot be saved, address overcrowding issues, make room for dental implants, or help ensure proper healing after an injury to the jawbone and teeth. 
  • Dental services for seniors – Our dentists are experienced in providing dental services for seniors, including teeth sensitivity, dentures, implants, and dental bridges. 
  • Sleep dentistry – We are pleased to provide different types of sedation options for our patients who are afraid of dentists, have dental anxiety, or require a more complex procedure and wish to be fully relaxed or even asleep.  
  • Periodontal disease – We can help treat gum disease and the latest stages of periodontal disease to prevent it from worsening and help you retain your teeth.  

What emergency dentistry services do we offer?

When you need an emergency dentist in Las Vegas, Absolute Dental in Centennial has general dentists on call after hours to provide the assistance you need until you can come in for a regular appointment to resolve the dental emergencies:

  • Broken, chipped, or missing dental crowns – Dental crowns help protect the underlying tooth structures from tooth decay and should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. 
  • Bleeding gums – If your gums are bleeding when you brush, floss, eat, or if you were in an accident and they will not stop, immediately see our emergency dentist. 
  • Cracked, fractured, or broken teeth – When a tooth is damaged in an accident, it can be very painful and uncomfortable. We can help alleviate your pain and determine the best treatment to repair or replace the tooth. 
  • Loose or knocked-out teeth – Adult teeth should never become loose and could indicate a bigger problem. If your teeth are accidentally knocked-out, there can be pain and discomfort that needs immediate medical care from a dentist. 
  • Severe toothachesAn infection often causes toothaches in the gums or tooth roots. We can prescribe antibiotics to fight the inflection and offer emergency treatments to alleviate your pain. 
  • Broken braces – If your child’s braces are damaged and broken, they need to be fixed immediately. Broken wires, loose brackets, and missing brace fittings can make it difficult for your child to eat and drink. 
  • Loose or missing fillings – You need to have the filling fixed or replaced before plaque gets inside the tooth. Otherwise, the tooth can become infected, and painful, and cause a toothache. 

What cosmetic dentistry services do we offer?

When you are not happy with your smile, Absolute Dental in Centennial is pleased to help you achieve the smile you have always dreamed of by offering the following cosmetic dentistry services:

  • Porcelain veneers – It is easy to hide natural imperfections, such as gaps, and crooked, and misshapen teeth behind porcelain veneers to give you a star-studded smile. 
  • Dental implants – If you are missing teeth and are embarrassed by your smile, get dental implants to fill in the missing teeth. 
  • Dental bridges – When you are missing one or two teeth in between other teeth, a dental bridge is an affordable option to replace them when you are not a candidate for implants. 
  • Teeth whitening – If your teeth have stains or are yellowish, you can restore them to a natural, bright white with our professional teeth whitening services. 
  • Dental crowns – When the top part of your tooth is cracked and missing, you can have it replaced with a dental crown. 
  • Dentures – Dentures and partial plates are wonderful options to consider when you are missing numerous teeth and want a picture-perfect smile. 

What orthodontic dentistry services do we offer?

Are you looking for orthodontists near me for your tween or teen? Since Absolute Dental in Centennial is a full-service dental office, you do not have to look very far. Our kids’ dentist is happy to introduce you and your child to one of our orthodontists, who can provide the following orthodontic dentistry services:

  • Braces – We offer affordable traditional metal and clear braces to help straighten your child’s teeth. They can even choose from a range of colored bands to create their own unique look. 
  • Invisalign(R) – We are proud to offer Invisalign(R) for our tween, teen, and adult patients who want to straighten their teeth but may feel overly embarrassed about wearing braces. 
  • Absolute clear aligners – Our clear aligners are an affordable “brace-free” way to get straight teeth and the smile you have always wanted. 

Quality Dental Care and Services in Centennial

You can rely on Absolute Dental in Centennial to provide all the dental care and services you and your family need in one location. By offering a diverse range of general, kids, emergency, and orthodontic services in our office, we make it easy for you to keep your teeth and gums healthy to achieve the perfect smile. 

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Directions to Our Centennial Dental Office

Absolute Dental’s Centennial office is conveniently located nearby the Oran K. Gragson Freeway and the Bruce Woodbury Beltway in Northwest Las Vegas. Our office is located at the southwest corner of W. Tropical Parkway and N. Celebration Way in the Centennial Center shopping mall. We are next to Jersey Mike’s Subs and Elements Massage, in the same parking lot as Home Depot. 

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