Good afternoon Team Absolute!

Thank you for your continued patience and concern during this ever evolving situation.  There has been a lot of change in the last 24 hours and we hope to continue to keep everyone in the loop with these updates.  We, like every dental practice and business in this great country are being forced to react and make critical decisions in a very quick period of time.  We hope that everyone is still safe and have prepared for the possibility of a prolonged stay in your home.  Below is the latest update:

Broad Based Changes

  1. The ADA, AADP, AAO, and NDB recommended that dental practices see only emergency patients as of 3/17
  2. The governor of Nevada has ordered the closing of all non-essential businesses by noon 3/18

Practice Operations

  1. Hygiene, Ortho, Pediatric, and Perio will not be offering services at this time.  General, OS, and Endo will be offering emergency services only.  Dr. Prada and General Providers will provide emergency services as needed for children.
  2. All practices will be closed by the end of the day today with the exception of:
    1. Northern Nevada (First Hour Of The Day Reserved For High Risk/Elderly Patients)
      1. South Virginia (M-F 7a-4p)
      2. Carson 1 (M-F 8a-5p)
    2. Southern Nevada (First Hour Of The Day Reserved For High Risk/Elderly Patients)
      1. Art (M-F 8a-5p)
      2. Nellis (M-F 8a-5p)
      3. Rain Charlie (M-F 8a-5p)
      4. Lake Mead (M-Th 9a-6p)
      5. Aliante (M-F 8a-5p)
      6. Cheyenne (M-F 8a-5p)
  3. Team Members will be informed if they are on the active practice staff list to see emergency patients.
  4. We will add/reduce practices and staff as emergency volume dictates.

Team Member Quick Facts

  1. All Team Members and affiliated providers will be temporarily laid-off by the end of the day 3/18 with the exception of those selected to work in the emergency practices
  2. Some select Practice Support Center personnel will remain in place – working from their current location – until mandated otherwise; this list is forthcoming
  3. For those temporarily laid-off, paychecks scheduled for 3/25 will be processed with the normal hours/days worked in the last pay period of 3/2 – 3/15
  4. In addition, the 4/8 paycheck will include any company provided accrued PTO and the 3 days earned this week; please note that this is a one time exception of not paying out PTO on separation in an effort to help Team Members
  5. Please access the Team Member resources and FAQs to take full advantage of all benefits available from the company and other agencies
  6. We will continue to send updates via this website as updates are available, given the unknown duration of this situation
  7. We expect to call back Team Members and affiliated providers as quickly as the situation improves

Please remember to do your part with social distancing and limiting non-essential travel to contribute to the improvement of this event.  A smile goes a long ways and we’re thinking about you and your loved ones.  This too shall pass.  More information to follow in the form of a FAQ once completed.

Be Safe,

Absolute Dental Leadership Team

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