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Reno Braces: Invisalign For Teens

The way teenagers feel about their smiles can have a significant impact on their self-esteem. If your teen hides their smile or feels embarrassed about crooked teeth, Absolute Dental offers a discreet and affordable solution. Invisalign aligners can transform your child’s smile and boost their confidence in only a matter of months!

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Invisalign Treatment At Absolute Dental In Reno

For decades, Invisalign has helped millions of people correct dental misalignments and feel good about their smiles. With several advantages to this type of orthodontic treatment, more and more teenagers are using Invisalign aligners instead of traditional braces. Here’s what you need to know about Invisalign Teen.

What Is Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign for teens is an orthodontic treatment that involves wearing a series of clear, plastic aligners that gently apply pressure to the teeth to progressively correct imperfections. While Invisalign aligners for teens are similar to adult clear aligner treatment, there are special accommodations for newly erupting molars.

How Does Teen Invisalign Work?

Although every patient has unique needs and dental issues, Invisalign treatment at Absolute Dental will typically follow these steps:

  • Initial scan: During your initial consultation, a dentist will use a specialized scanner to create a 3D model of your mouth, map out a detailed treatment plan, and show you the expected results.
  • Custom aligners: Using your 3D scans, we’ll create a series of personalized BPA-free plastic aligners that will transform your smile without any bulky orthodontic equipment.
  • Wearing the aligners: For treatment to be successful, you must wear your aligner trays for about 22 hours every day — only removing the aligners for eating and cleaning.
  • Switching trays: Your orthodontist will provide a schedule for when you will switch to the next aligner in the Invisalign system. You can expect to wear each tray for about one to two weeks before progressing to the next one.
  • Monitoring progress: You will have periodic check-ups with our team to stay on top of your progress and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Our Reno orthodontists create a customized treatment plan for teen patients and provide support throughout the process. We ensure every family has the resources they need to keep progress on track, moving the teeth into alignment without disrupting your teen’s life.

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Invisalign Treatment Benefits For Teens

The Invisalign system has multiple benefits for teens! If you’re considering clear aligners for your child, here’s why more than 4.5 million teens have preferred this type of orthodontic treatment.

Invisible Orthodontic Treatment

Invisalign clear aligners are almost completely invisible, making treatment easy and discreet. Many teens are hesitant to get braces because they don’t want bulky metal brackets and wires. Fortunately, Invisalign offers an alternative solution that is virtually unnoticeable.

Fewer Orthodontic Appointments

Using a computerized model of the mouth, we can plan out your complete treatment with proven predictability. This means you’ll have fewer appointments because there is no need to adjust braces during treatment. You simply follow the schedule to switch out aligners while we monitor progress.

No Dietary Restrictions

Because Invisalign aligners are removable, you don’t have to change your diet during treatment. However, you must remove the aligners before eating and ensure your teeth are clean before replacing them.

Easier Oral Hygiene

Traditional braces can be challenging to keep clean because of all the areas where bacteria can hide. With Invisalign, you remove the trays to brush and floss, so there are no special considerations for oral hygiene. Your dentist will provide instructions on how to keep your aligners clean.

Quick Results

Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign often takes less time than traditional braces. The Invisalign system can correct mild to moderate misalignments in as little as six to 18 months, while braces typically take between 20 to 24 months to complete treatment.

Effective for Most Dental Misalignment Issues

The Invisalign system effectively corrects different levels of malocclusion, from minor misalignments to more complicated issues. However, you must speak to an experienced dentist to determine if Invisalign can address your orthodontic needs. Contact our orthodontists in Reno to see if Invisalign is the best choice for you!

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Reno Invisalign For Teens FAQs

Yes, Invisalign is an excellent option for teens with dental misalignment. However, there are some considerations that will affect treatment, including:

    • Patient cooperation: Your teen will need to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day and remember to put the trays back in their mouth after eating and brushing. If they have trouble sticking to the plan, it could limit progress and extend treatment times.
    • Lost or damaged aligners: While removable aligners definitely have advantages, they can also be lost or damaged if your teen is not careful. If you do not get a replacement immediately, this can significantly affect treatment results.


Invisalign for teenagers is specifically designed for their developing smiles and new molars. The custom aligners leave space for the growth of new teeth, and Power Ridge attachments guide developing teeth into the correct position. We will also use other tools to make adjustments during treatment when necessary.

With Invisalign, teens can enjoy all their favorite foods, unlike traditional metal or ceramic braces! However, teens involved in contact sports will need to remove the aligners during games and wear a mouthguard. A forceful hit to the mouth could damage clear aligners and cause treatment setbacks.

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Invisalign FAQ.

Malocclusion of teeth.


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