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Many people take pride in their smile as their most recognizable and impactful feature. But unfortunately for some individuals, crooked, gapped or misaligned teeth are a major setback when it comes to showing off that smile. In fact, most people’s teeth do not grow in perfectly straight without a little help. The Reno dentists at Absolute Dental will be with you every step of the way. We’ll make sure you’re feeling confident and comfortable before and after your braces are put in.

Braces offer impressive results when it comes to aligning crooked teeth, correcting jaw problems, preventing overcrowding complications and boosting self-confidence, so patients can stop hiding their smiles and really let them shine. Depending on the severity of the misalignment, as well as personal preference, we offer a number of options including metal, clear and invisible braces.

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Metal Braces

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Advantages of Choosing Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most traditional route when it comes to correcting misalignments and has benefitted people of all ages for decades. Metal is a more durable material that allows the braces to be positioned in different ways, leading to quicker corrections than other straightening options. Because they are stronger than plastic braces, they are much less likely to break and require less replacement over time. In addition, rubber-free options are available to eliminate potential teeth staining concerns that comes with eating or drinking certain foods.

Metal braces are also the most affordable option when it comes to teeth alignment. Because they only need to be installed once, the patient won’t have to pay for expensive replacements throughout the process. Once metal braces are positioned, they can simply be adjusted throughout the time they are on the patient.

Potential Disadvantages of Metal Braces

Because metal is more durable than plastic, these braces can be adjusted more aggressively, resulting in a bit more pain than other options. These braces may also cause initial swelling and canker sores due to the metal having to actually be installed in the mouth. However, the pain and swelling does subside as the teeth become more aligned and the tension on the braces is lessened.

As far as aesthetics, metal braces are more visually obvious than plastic or clear braces. They often need to be worn for years at a time, so it’s a factor that should be weighed before making a final decision. There are also diet restrictions to avoid food becoming lodged in the braces, which can lead to staining, cavities and other issues.

Clear Braces

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Advantages of Choosing Clear Braces

Clear braces use ceramic bonding rather than rubber to adhere to the teeth. A very thin metal wire is then attached to the ceramic to adjust teeth over time. The ceramic is less visible than the traditional metal braces, allowing them to blend more easily with a patient’s teeth. This is one of the biggest benefits of clear braces over metal braces.

When compared to invisible plastic alignment options, clear braces are generally less expensive in the long run. Like metal braces, they only need to be installed once and are then adjusted throughout the correction period. They will also align teeth more quickly than plastic options because the metal wire is a durable material that can apply more pressure and tension without breaking.

Potential Disadvantages of Clear Braces

Similar to diet restrictions with metal braces, people who opt for clear braces are limited on eating certain types of foods to prevent risk of cavities from food particles getting stuck in the braces. There is also a risk of staining the teeth if the patient does not adhere to the food constraints. The ceramic bonding used in clear braces has the potential to stain much more easily than metal braces.

There is also initial pain and discomfort associated with clear braces, although it does ease up as the teeth become more aligned. Because clear braces are semi-permanently installed in the mouth, there will be some irritation and swelling that patients generally do not experience with invisible braces. However, the level of irritation is noticeably less when compared to metal braces.

Invisible Braces

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Advantages of Choosing Invisible Braces

Many people consider both metal and clear braces to be overly invasive because they need to be installed inside the mouth for a lengthy amount of time. Invisible plastic braces provide an attractive and less permanent alternative to having braces installed in a patient’s mouth. Invisible braces are made of thin, solid plastic and simply slip over the teeth to correct misalignments. Because there is no installation required, there is less pain and irritation associated with this option.

Another great advantage is invisible braces are far less obvious than metal or clear braces. For patients who place high importance on being discreet while correcting their teeth, invisible braces are the best option. The thin plastic is designed to fit perfectly over the teeth making them almost completely unnoticeable. They’re also easy to clean with no food restrictions because they can be removed while eating. A great example of invisible braces is the Invisalign System that our dentists highly recommend to patients.

Potential Disadvantages of Invisible Braces

Invisible braces require regular visits to the dentist every 4-6 weeks to get fitted for new plastic shells that will progressively adjust the teeth. This makes them a little more time consuming, as well as pricey, because several fittings and new plastic shells are needed throughout the process.

There are also restrictions on who is able to benefit from invisible braces. If the patient’s misalignment is too severe, there are extreme spacing issues or rotated teeth need to be corrected, plastic invisible braces do not have the ability to fix these problems like metal or clear braces can. There is the option to wear what are called “buttons”, which are used with invisible braces to help correct more dramatic tooth problems, but will take away the discreet aspect of invisible braces that most people find most beneficial.

After weighing all the factors of the various braces options available, our dentists will work with patients to provide the alignment plan that works best for each individual. Although some may feel reluctant to try braces, the proven results are striking and will lead to a lifetime of confidence and radiant smiles. Absolute Dental offers competitive pricing on all braces, including the very popular Invisalign System.

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