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If there’s any irony to be found in the use of braces, it’s that most people would prefer not to smile while they wear them. They’ll certainly smile once the whole process is done, but most patients simply don’t want to expose a mouth that they deem to be too full of metal and even slightly embarrassing.

If you’re interested in getting the Invisalign® smile aligning system, Absolute Dental in Las Vegas can help. We accept most dental insurances and have flexible payment options for patients with no insurance coverage.

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    Get A Perfect Smile Without The Embarrassment

    That’s where Invisalign® in Las Vegas comes in. The company has worked to redefine the very nature of braces, removing metal from the equation entirely and replacing it with a strong plastic construction that can still produce amazing results for today’s children and adult patients. The result is a more confident individual who feels free to smile not only after their treatment is complete, but while they’re still undergoing adjustment and realignment of the teeth.

    In addition to making braces virtually invisible, and thereby enhancing the appearance of a smile even as it’s incrementally adjusted behind the scenes, the company behind Invisalign® has worked to transform the process in other ways. Whether it’s easier cleaning or less pain, Invisalign® braces come packed with benefits for those who choose them over metal or ceramic options that have traditionally been more common treatments.

    Advantages of Choosing the Invisalign® System

    Invisalign® braces are fitted to the teeth using plastic, and they’re easily removable. Their results might be permanent, but the braces themselves are not. The resulting reduction in pain is a major perk.

    Because nothing protrudes from the surface of the teeth during treatment, canker sores are less likely and long-term irritation of the mouth is virtually erased as a side effect of teeth alignment.

    There are no metal obstructions to “catch” certain types of foods, and that means patients are free to eat whatever they please throughout the course of their teeth aligning treatment. Even if something does get stuck in the braces, they can be easily removed, cleaned, and placed back in the mouth in a matter of a few minutes.

    Invisalign® teeth aligners are virtually invisible. This allows kids to fix their smile without a loss of confidence in the process, and it allows adults to treat teeth problems that they might otherwise be embarrassed to admit and fix if they were confined to metal or ceramic braces.

    Special Considerations for Patients Thinking About Invisalign®

    Though Invisalign® has made great strides toward being able to treat severe tooth and jaw problems, the product is still not as effective at treating things like tipped or rotated teeth. For major problems like these, most patients will want to pursue either metal braces or a “clear” ceramic alternative. The company does sell smaller adjusters, which it calls buttons or attachments, but these are typically not invisible and might still have an impact on a patient’s smile throughout treatment.

    One consideration unique to Invisalign® is that they absolutely depend on “patient cooperation.” That is, patients need to make sure that they’re placing the product into place each day and leaving it there exactly as their dentist recommends. If they don’t, the effect and schedule of treatment will suffer. The cost may also vary based on a patient’s compliance with treatment procedures.

    When considering Invisalign® alongside other alternatives, it’s always a good idea to consult with a dentist who knows the benefits and considerations of each. With a consultation and a full understanding of Invisalign® options, patients can make an informed decision that benefits their smile in real ways for decades to come.

    Up-close shot at the Invisalign teeth straightening system

    Popular Alternatives to Invisalign®

    Absolute Dental in Las Vegas offers different types of braces to fit your lifestyle and to best treat your unique dental needs.

    Our experienced orthodontists will evaluate your smile to determine which option is right for you.

    Metal Braces

    Metal braces in Las Vegas
    Extremely effective and durable. Uses metal brackets and wires to align the teeth.

    Clear Braces

    Clear braces in Las Vegas
    Offering a less visible choice, clear ceramic is used to bond a thin metal wire to the teeth.

    Invisible Braces

    Invisible braces in Las Vegas
    A series of clear plastic trays are used to discreetly and progressively straighten the teeth.


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