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The experiences that a child has at the dentist can affect the way they feel about dental visits throughout their lifetime.

When a child is fully prepared for what will happen during their visit, whether it is a routine check-up and cleaning or more extensive work, the stage is set for proactive dental care into adulthood and beyond.

Some dentists in las vegas specialize in pediatric dentistry, but a child can feel just as comfortable going to the same dentist as their parents. That way they are able to coordinate visits and develop an ongoing relationship with their dentist from an early age. Absolute Dental practitioners are used to working with children and can love to accommodate them.

At Absolute Dental, we promise to make each experience better than the first – for both parent and child. Our team of dedicated dental professionals is trained “kids dentists,” and go through many steps to ensure two things:

  • That each child gets the care they need, and
  • That you get the peace of mind you deserve.

After completion of the initial exam, each child’s parent has a chance to meet the doctor to discuss the status of their child’s oral health, as well as options for any advanced or “operative” work that may be needed. In most cases, our dentists will be able to complete services on the same day.

The Absolute Dental staff is trained to use basic behavioral management techniques in order to make all pediatric procedures a pleasant experience for both the child and the parent. Before any procedure is performed, our doctors explain and show the child what will occur.

At the end of the appointment, our coordinators meet with the parents to give a detailed description of the work completed, provide aftercare instructions, issue prescriptions if needed and answer any questions that the parent may have. Each child is also allowed to select a toy from the treasure chest upon completion of their appointment.

Wherever you choose to take your child, it is important for the parent or guardian as well as the dental professionals to consider the visit from a child’s point of view. Here are some guidelines for parents to review when planning a children’s appointment that is pleasant, painless, and fun.

Considerations with Pediatric Dentists

A child thinking

An Absolute Dental professional will never force a child into a procedure that isn’t necessary at that time if the child shows a great deal of fear. Many procedures can be rescheduled unless there is a severe amount of decay, an extraction is needed, or the damage is to a permanent tooth.

Children should have procedures explained to them in an age-appropriate manner so that they understand what will happen. If they feel more comfortable with their parent present, Our dentists encourage parental participation in order to get through the procedure with a minimum amount of fear and discomfort for all involved.

Try to consider the dental experience from a child’s point of view.  A dental office full of strangers and tools can have a negative effect, especially on very young children. Older children may have a fear of needles, drills, or the effects of anesthesia, especially if they have previously had a negative experience. If the child is crying or seems to be in emotional distress, it is best to wait and try again at another visit. A dental appointment should never become the basis for a life-long fear of dentists.

Five Common Fears and How to Help Children Cope

Fear of the unknown is common. The more a child knows about the process and the more honest parents and dental professionals are about letting the child know what will happen, the less the likelihood of serious problems.

However, there is always the chance that a child will develop a fear due to prior experience or misinformation. Below are some common fears that many children and adults have about visiting the dentist and some ways to help them cope with these fears.

  • Embarrassment
    If a child has a severe issue such as a deformity, injury, or damage from an accident, they may be embarrassed, especially if they have been teased about the issue in the past. They may also be concerned about crying or exhibiting fear at the dentist’s office.  They need to be reassured that no matter what their issue is, the dentist and his or her staff have probably seen it before, that they are professionals, and that crying or being afraid are natural responses when someone is in physical discomfort.  At Absolute Dental, we work hard to communicate comfort to children.
  • Fear of needles
    Needle fear is usually caused by a previous bad experience, though some people are freaked out by the sight of the needle itself. There are ways to make an injection as pain-free as possible.  If we feel it’s necessary, our dentists will keep the needle out of sight, as sometimes the sight of the instrument can cause a perception of pain. Computerized injection systems are helpful for patients of all ages. They don’t look like traditional needles and the speed and pressure of the injection are controlled by a computer, eliminating three of the main causes of pain and discomfort.
  • Fear of anesthesia
    Fear of anesthesia is often the result of the fear of either being ‘put to sleep’ and not knowing what will happen during that time or claustrophobia due to having a mask over the face to administer gas or anesthetic. In the first case, the best cure is information; we always let the patient know what to expect ahead of time. In the second case, it is best to take it slow. If the patient seems to be in severe distress, we take a timeout then try again, or reschedule and make the attempt at another time.
  • Pain
    Fear of pain, like many fears, has its source in the unknown. People hear about other peoples’ bad or painful experiences and so they go into a procedure expecting it to be painful. The best hedge against this is to be informed ahead of time.  If you want to know your particular Absolute Dental dentist’s policies on patient comfort and pain management, ask them!
  • Loss of control
    Being in a dental chair can be a very helpless feeling, from the angle of the chair to the feeling of being trapped while someone performs unknown procedures in a very sensitive area. We combine good communication between and patience to make a world of difference.

Child patients or their parents will be apprised of what is happening at every step of the procedure. If the patient is in discomfort, our dentists will accommodate them as far as they possibly can.

If you don’t have a regular, family dentist, get referrals from friends or family members when looking for a dentist for your child. Visit the office beforehand and don’t be afraid to ask important questions about office policies and insurance coverage. If you don’t feel comfortable with a practitioner, shop around.

How Parents Can Help

A parent talking to a child

Parents can help their child cope with a visit to the dentist in several ways. If it won’t affect your own treatment, try taking your child with you when you come to Absolute Dental. Relax, so that they can see a dental appointment as a routine and necessary part of life.

Of course, if you are having a major procedure, it might be best to leave them at home. In this case, try to arrange for the child to come to the office before their appointment so they can meet their dentist in a non-threatening scenario.

Set an example with your own behavior and teach your child good dental hygiene, such as proper brushing and flossing, from an early age. Good tooth care as a child leads to good habits as an adult and avoids a lot of trouble with tooth decay and gum disease later in life.

Don’t panic if a child loses or damages a tooth. Problems with baby teeth, unless they are very severe, will almost always go away with the loss of that tooth. Assess the situation and use your judgment before having them seen. If they are in a lot of pain or the damage is to a permanent tooth, bring them in.

Preventative care is the cornerstone of good dental health. The earlier a child is exposed to a regular routine of check-ups and tooth maintenance, the better the chance that they will develop good habits that will keep them smiling for life.

I love this place and the staff is amazing and friendly. They have helped my children and made them feel comfortable. At times there is a wait but they are thorough and care about their patients getting what they need. I definitely recommend them!

KaSandra S.


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