A teenager holding his face in pain due to a broken/chipped tooth.

Emergency Dentist: Broken/Chipped Tooth

A broken or chipped tooth emergency can be an alarming and painful experience. Broken teeth can expose sensitive nerves and dental pulp that are usually protected inside the tooth, causing sharp or throbbing pain. If harmful bacteria enter the tooth, you also increase the risk of infection.

Absolute Dental offers immediate Reno emergency dental care for broken or chipped teeth. We will alleviate the pain as we repair the damage and put together a dental treatment plan. Contact us now to find the emergency dental office closest to you!

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Treatment For A Chipped Tooth Emergency At Absolute Dental

Absolute Dental in Reno has the skills and resources to treat chipped or broken teeth and get your oral health back on track. Depending on your situation, our dental services for a broken tooth emergency include:

Root Canal

When a dental crack damages the soft tissue or extends into the pulp, you will likely need a root canal. This procedure protects the tooth from the spread of infection and prevents further damage.

Dental Crown

A dental crown provides protection to vulnerable teeth while improving the appearance of your smile. Made of durable materials, the crown is placed on top of the actual tooth for a natural look and better functionality.

Tooth Extraction

In some cases, the damage to the cracked tooth is irreparable, and the tooth will need to be removed. We provide affordable Reno tooth extraction procedures to quickly and painlessly remove problematic teeth under sedation. We can also help with emergency Reno wisdom tooth removal

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

A partially chipped or broken tooth also causes aesthetic dental issues. Our cosmetic dentistry team in Reno offers several solutions that will improve the look of your smile and boost your confidence. Our cosmetic services include:

  • Porcelain veneers
  • Dental implants
  • Dental bridges
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental bonding
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What Should I Do For A Broken Tooth Emergency?

A chipped or broken tooth is an emergency that requires urgent treatment to prevent serious dental issues. If you experience a fractured tooth, seeing a dental professional as soon as possible is crucial. Contact our team for an emergency dental appointment.

However, before you get to our emergency dental office, there are things you can do to help:

  • Gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water
  • Apply a cold compress to the area to help with swelling
  • Take an over-the-counter pain reliever, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen
  • Try to breathe through your nose to reduce discomfort
  • Do not apply ointment or anything else directly to the affected area
  • Avoid cold fluids that can trigger more pain and sensitivity

When you get to your dentist’s office, they will do a full exam to determine the injury’s severity and how to proceed with treatment. You will likely need X-rays to see if there is damage below the gums or inside the tooth as well.

What Are The Risks Of A Broken Tooth?

Broken or chipped teeth can lead to many dental problems if they are not treated immediately. Some complications you might experience include:

  • Tooth abscess or infection
  • Sharp tooth pain
  • Bleeding gums
  • Swelling around the damaged tooth
  • Bad breath

In more severe cases, the infection can spread and start to affect your overall health. You may develop a fever, swollen neck glands, dizziness, and, in rare cases, sepsis. Seeking urgent care for a broken tooth will significantly lower the risk of developing these symptoms or conditions.

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My son LOVES Dr. Wilson!

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What Causes Broken Or Chipped Teeth?

While anyone can suffer from a sudden broken or cracked tooth, others are more at risk. Common causes of broken teeth include:

  • Dental trauma: An accident or fall that causes an impact to the mouth can result in a tooth chipping or breaking
  • High-impact sports: Even with protective mouthguards, athletes can experience a dental emergency while playing sports. Football, hockey, and martial arts are some of the riskiest sports for broken teeth.
  • Chronic teeth grinding: Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, puts pressure on the teeth that can weaken enamel and lead to chips, breaks, and cracks
  • Hard foods: Very hard or crunchy foods can cause teeth to fracture. Examples include popcorn kernels, hard candies, ice, olive pits, and nuts.
  • Age: As we get older, our teeth begin to wear down and become less resilient. As a result, older adults may crack a tooth more easily than younger people.

We Accept Most Dental Insurance

Absolute Dental is a preferred provider for most insurances, unions, and hotels that include: Aetna, Ameritas, Boon-Chapman, Caesars Palace, Cigna, Delta Dental, Diversified, Geha, Guardian, Harrah’s, HealthSCOPE Benefits, Health Plan of Nevada (HPN), Humana, Liberty, Met-Life, MGM-MIRAGE, Premier Access, The Standard, Station Casinos, Teachers Health Trust, United Concordia, United Healthcare, Venetian, and The Zenith. We also accept Medicaid.

If you do not see your dental insurance listed here, just give us a call to confirm!

No Insurance? No Problem. Try our Smile Saver Program

Every person’s situation is different. If you don’t see your health insurance here, or if you do not have dental insurance, we can help you!

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Emergency Broken/Chipped Tooth FAQs

Yes! Absolute Dental will prioritize a broken or chipped tooth and other dental emergencies to ensure you’re seen right away. Contact us to find the location closest to you that is immediately available.

No, there is no additional fee for our same-day emergency appointments! We want to make emergency dental care affordable and accessible for the entire Reno community. Learn more about our special offers, flexible payment options, and Smile Saver membership discounts for quality dental care that fits your budget.

As a preferred provider, Absolute Dental accepts most dental insurance plans, including Aetna, Cigna, Delta Dental, Health Plan of Nevada (HPN), Humana, Liberty, Medicaid, MetLife, United Healthcare, and many more!

You can also reach out to our office if you have questions about your insurance and emergency dental treatments.

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Find an Emergency Dental Office Near You Now

If you have a broken or chipped tooth, you don’t have to suffer through the pain and embarrassment. Absolute Dental offers emergency dental care with qualified Reno dentists at affordable rates. Contact us now to find the closest location to you in Northern Nevada.


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