How to Avoid Potential Dental Implant Complications

how to avoid potential dental implant complication

In the world of dentistry, it would be hard to find a product that is as game-changing as dental implants. Traditional methods of fixing the problem of tooth loss such as dentures or the attachment of bridges came with a lot of shortcomings such as losing their stability after a while.

Dental implants, on the other hand, replace, the tooth roots thus providing a firm foundation for your replacement teeth which are designed to match your natural teeth. The importance of dental implants cannot be overstated especially if you are prone to dental problems. The advantages you will get from the implants include:

  • Comfort- If you have had a sore tooth before or have had to wear dentures, you can easily forget the meaning of comfort. Implants eliminate this discomfort because they are made to become a part of you.
  • Better appearance- Dental implants are fused to the bone essentially making them look and feel like real teeth. The fact that they have been designed to look as perfect as a tooth can get, they make you look really good.
  • Enhanced self-esteem- To back up the previous point, this improved appearance will make you confident and able to smile more. People with perennial dental diseases are very insecure about their teeth and often try not to laugh. Fixing this boosts their esteem a great deal.
  • Easy eating- Dentures can make eating a headache because of their sliding nature. Dental implants function like real teeth and thus do not have this problem.
  • Improved speech- Dentures are infamous for slipping into your mouth while you’re speaking making you stumble over your words leaving you embarrassed. Dental implants are fixed hence saving you from this issue.
  • Better oral health- The fact that implants do not interfere with other teeth such as bridging does ensure that more of your natural teeth remain intact. Additionally, implants are designed in such a way that allows easy access between teeth which is important when practicing oral hygiene.
  • Convenience- The removable nature of dentures makes them very inconvenient and embarrassing. With implants, nobody would know about your dental problem.
  • Longevity- Implants can last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

Dental Implant Complications

Dental implant procedures have a success rate of up to 98%. As impressive as that may sound, what may cause someone to end up at the other two percent? Let’s find that out and also know how to avoid those complications.

1. Surgical Technique

surgical technique

Not all surgeons are born equal. A well-trained dental surgeon should make the operation feel like a breeze. This is because they are well versed in proper surgical methods that ensure the procedure and the healing is comfortable. When you have the misfortune of getting operated on by someone who is not a professional, complication such as necrosis (bone death) and infection of the site are likely to occur. It is very important to do a thorough research on the best dental practitioners. Cheap is expensive in the long run. Do not try to save money and end up spending more on the subsequent possible infections. Be sure to check the track record of the practitioner on their website before you go and see them. If they do not have one, that should be a red flag.

2. Infection

bacteria can cause infection after surgery

At times, in spite of the better surgical methods, infections may occur. The infection might occur as a result of the bacteria in the mouth getting into the area of surgery. This is especially common after the surgery when the patient does not practice proper dental hygiene. Additionally, having thin gums, suffering from diabetes, and smoking can put you at more risk of contracting an infection. Practicing good dental hygiene has always been a rule of thumb in maintaining your teeth; that includes not smoking. However, if you have ailments or conditions, it is crucial that you discuss them with your dentist before you undergo any procedure.

3. Nerve & Tissue Damage

Blame it on bad luck or inexperience on the part of the doctor but nerves might be damaged when the implant is placed too close to the nerves. This will result in chronic pain, discomfort, and numbness in the area. The nerve damage might also be permanent. It is important to have the doctor tell you beforehand the kind of pain you should experience so that you have a baseline to judge against. In case the pain is more than is expected, immediately return to the practitioner so that they can rectify the issue.

4. Failed Osseointegration

This is one of the most reported problems; the implant won’t properly bond to the jawbone. A few months after the procedure, the dental implant should be one with the jawbone. This is what is referred to as osseointegration. If the implant becomes loose or falls out, the process is a failure.

There are a variety of reasons as to why the implant may fail to properly fuse into the jawbone. They include the following:

  • Wrong positioning of the implant
  • The absence of enough bone volume and density
  • The bone structure around the implant is damaged
  • You fracture or crack the implant
  • Taking a hit on the face
  • Smoking

If the implant becomes loose, you should see your doctor immediately. Not only for it to get fixed but to also avoid infection.

5. Overloading

At times, the surgeon may decide to do an immediate loading during the dental implant operation. Immediate loading involves placing the crown and abutment on the implant immediately after the procedure. Normally, this is a two-stage operation that is specifically so to give the implant time to integrate with the jawbone before additional components are fixed. Therefore, this means that complications are less likely to occur. The all-in-one procedure, on the other hand, places undue stress on the implant thus disrupting the osseointegration process.


Dental implants can benefit your oral health. However, as with anything else, it has its limitations. Most of these problems can be abated by ensuring that you seek the services of an experienced professional. Secondly, if you have any conditions, discuss them with the professional. Finally, following the practitioner’s instructions will go a long way in ensuring that the procedure is a success.

Your dentist should have the experience and knowledge to complete the dental implant procedure with ease. Absolute Dental has dentist offices in Reno and Las Vegas, NV with skilled dentists that can educate you about dental implants and the ability to perform the surgery. Schedule an appointment with an experienced dentist today.

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