What Parents Can Expect at Their Child’s Dental Appointment

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Although we’ve all had the experience of going to our own dental appointments, parents may be wondering what to expect when they take their child to see the dentist. Parents often ask questions regarding what types of procedures their child will need and how they can best prepare them. To help you understand the process, we’re breaking down what you can expect at your child’s next routine check-up.

Understand That Your Child May Feel Nervous

It’s common for children to feel anxious about going to the dentist. It can be intimidating to not fully understand what is happening or why these things need to happen. For this reason, we encourage parents to talk openly with their kids about what they can expect and why routine visits to the dentist are so important. For younger children, try reading books about the dentist or watching a short video that could help them visualize what to expect.

Leading up to the appointment, do your best to make sure your child is rested, fed, and is not sick at the time. Feeling tired, hungry, or unwell can lead to children feeling anxious and stressed before an appointment, as well as create a negative association with the dentist.

Have Medical and Insurance Information Handy

Once you get to your pediatric dentist’s office, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork for your child. This will include medical and dental history, previous treatments, and insurance information for your child. It’s a good idea to have these details with you to make the initial paperwork process easier.

We also encourage parents to write down any questions or concerns they may have before arriving at the dentist’s office. All too often, parents will get distracted or sidetracked, especially when they have multiple children with them at the appointment. Writing your questions down will help to make sure you run all your concerns by your child’s dentist before leaving.

X-Ray Imaging of the Teeth and Jaw

Once your child is called, the first step is usually to get x-rays of the teeth and jaw so the dentist can have a more detailed look at what’s going on. You can accompany your child to the room where they will be asked to sit in the patient’s chair. This can often be the scariest part of the appointment for young kids, even more so than an actual procedure, so it’s important to be calm and reassuring. Let them know the x-ray process won’t hurt at all and it will be over quickly!

The dental technician will cover your child’s body with a lead apron to reduce radiation exposure from the x-rays. Your child will be instructed to bite down on some trays to get clear imaging during the x-ray process, which is completely painless. You will need to briefly step out of the room while the x-ray is taken, but won’t have to go far and will be allowed to return immediately after.

Initial Exam by the Dentist

After a short time, the x-ray images are ready for the dentist to inspect. Your child’s dentist will come into the room to see them, as well as talk to you and your child about any concerns you may have. This is a good time to bring up those questions you wrote down or let your dentist know if your child has experienced any dental issues.

The dentist will then recline the patient’s chair to have a look at your child’s teeth. This part is just to inspect the teeth and gums for any visible cavities, abnormalities, or other issues. He or she will use special tools, such as a dental mirror, probe, or scaler, to examine the teeth in detail at this time. Depending on what they see in the x-ray images, your dentist will be able to diagnose dental decay or cavities and recommend a treatment.

Routine Dental Cleaning

Some pediatric dental offices choose to do a teeth cleaning first, but some dentists will conduct the initial exam and x-rays before. In any case, dental cleaning should be done every six months to remove plaque and tartar from your child’s teeth that could result in tooth decay and gum disease.

The dental hygienist will be the one to do the cleaning and will often provide distractions for your child during the procedure. This could be playing some music or a kid-friendly TV show in the background. You can also bring headphones and play your kid’s favorite playlist while the cleaning is taking place. It involves using scalers to physically remove tartar from the surface of the teeth, then applying a high-powered electronic brush and a gritty toothpaste to polish and clean the teeth. Although the toothbrush is loud, this process is painless and shouldn’t cause any discomfort.

Additional Procedures or Treatments

Depending on whether or not your child has cavities or other dental problems, your dentist may recommend treatments and procedures that can be done during the same appointment. Your child may need a dental filling, which is generally a quick procedure and shouldn’t take up too much additional time. Your dentist may also suggest that your child has a fluoride treatment to strengthen the teeth’s enamel.

In some cases, a more complicated procedure will be necessary, and an additional appointment will have to be scheduled. Although it’s rare, your child may need a pulpectomy or tooth extraction for more severe dental decay. You may also be referred to an orthodontist if your child’s teeth have alignment issues that could be fixed with braces.

Choosing a Pediatric Dentist

Overall, the process for your child’s dental appointment is going to be similar at most dental offices. However, the difference is in the approach and the time taken to help make you and your child feel comfortable. When choosing a pediatric dentist, be sure to look at reviews and testimonials to see what other patients are saying, in addition to the usual checklist of location and services offered. You should feel confident that your child is getting the best dental care, which includes a warm and welcoming environment that promotes a positive dental experience

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